Burger Tourism: Europe’s 15 delicious burger houses

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What could be better for a tourist than a delicious burger?

Can you name a dish that you always crave (well, most of us), and it always looks so mouth-watering? For me, it is a jalapeno double cheeseburger with melted cheddar and sauce. OMG, I even felt my heart beating faster. If only a burger was a diet food and we could eat it without thinking of gaining pounds. But, when on travel, no one thinks of diet, so what if we could combine the two best things, burgers and travel, and get burger tourism? That sounds like a perfect plan to me. It’s a bit challenging, but let’s try to find the best burger houses in European cuisine.

Burger’s historic background

Every dish has roots, but let’s skip the legends of ancient civilizations that used to put minced meat between two slices of bread. 

According to one theory, the term “hamburger” is derived from the German city of Hamburg, known for its delicious cured beef delicacies. However, this theory has no further evidence. 

Delicious burger and french fries on the kitchen table.
Delicious burger and french fries on the kitchen table. Image generated by AI.

A more realistic explanation of hamburger origin takes us to 19th-century America. For example, in the 1800s, Fletcher Davis served a “hamburger” of fried ground beef patties with mustard and onions on bread in Texas. Similar sandwiches were sold in New York by Menches Brothers. Louis Lunch from Connecticut claimed they should get credit for inventing the hamburger as a fast food. 

We still don’t know who to thank for this fantastic dish, but since the 20th century, hamburgers have become a cheap, accessible, and widely consumed food that today has countless variations. 

Burger Tourism: Europe’s best burger joints

European burgers will definitely differ from traditional American ones, but, maybe, they are even better. Let’s visit the 15 best burger houses in Europe. 

Jenkin’s, Valencia, Spain

Address: Check available locations on their official website.

Burgers starting at 12.50 €

Eat Jenkins burger
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Jenkin’s gets honorable first place in our list of the top tastiest burgers in Europe. The winner of the Champions Burger Festival, Jenkin’s offers a whole 180 grams of black Angus meat with smoked cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, marinated cucumber, and Korean sauce. And they proudly say they make the best burgers in your life. I think you need to check this statement at least once.

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La Muralla, Castellón, Spain

Address: Check available locations on their official website.

Burgers starting at 14.50 €

Hamburgueseria La Muralla
Image from @Hamburguesería La Muralla // Facebook page

I guess the Spanish really do a great job of making the best burgers because we’ve got the second location with the best burgers, and it is La Muralla in Castellón. Here, burgers are made of aged meat, crispy bacon, cheddar, and parmesan. Wow! Cholesterol started the chat!

The Ranch Smokehouse, Barcelona, Spain

Address: University Round 20, 08007
Official website:

Burgers starting at 12.90 €

The Ranch Smokehouse in Barcelona, Spain.
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Okay, now things get really serious because we’ve got the third Spanish location with the best burger in Europe. Their All Star Franklin Burger got the bronze on the Champions Burger Festival, and it is really worth a try. You will get a burger with an aged rib, beef brisket, cheddar, caramelized bacon in maple syrup, secret sauce, barbeque-fried onions, and smoked bacon jam. Come here hungry because this burger will need lots of energy. 

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The Bird, Hamburg, Germany

Address: Drumstr 4, St Pauli, 20359
Official website:

Burgers starting at 14.50 €

Do you remember the story about the origin of a hamburger? Well, to check whether Hamburg has anything to do with hamburgers or not, visit The Bird bar and kitchen in American style. For burgers, they use freshly ground German beef that is juicy and full of flavors if only you don’t order it well done. Side fries are also made from fresh potatoes with sauces and salads. 

Gasoline Grill, Copenhagen, Denmark

Address: Check available locations on their official website.

Burgers starting at 12.00 €

Gasoline Grill burger house
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Gasoline Grill, a very unique name (because the venue is actually located in a fully functional gas station), is the most popular place in Copenhagen, offering the best burgers in Denmark. Their specialty Butterburger is a symphony of flavors with perfectly cooked meat, rich butter, and spicy sauce. 

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MBH Hamburguesería, Lisbon, Portugal

Address: Tv. Henrique Cardoso 52, 1700-288
Reservation online

Burgers starting at 14.20 €

MBH Hamburguesería, Alcântara
Image from

An all-time favorite of residents and guests, MBH Hamburguesería is a Portuguese version of a popular Argentinian burger. Their quality meat and buns will make your heart melt. Check out their Campo de Ourique burger with caramelized onions and Roquefort cheese. For double pleasure, order a Castelo double bacon cheeseburger and bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks. 

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Kantýna, Prague, Czech Republic

Address: Kantýna, Politických vězňů 1511/5
Website for reservations 

Burgers starting at 10.45 €

Kantyna, Prague
Image from

Aside from Czech beer and sausages, there is something more to taste in Prague. It is the city’s best burger with rare beef. Kantýna is actually a butchery, a pub, a shop, or altogether that sells always fresh meat and the tastiest burger with grilled aged beef, mustard, and onions. The aging process is very time-consuming. It takes several weeks to mature the meat and get that intense taste. 

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Naughty BRGR, Helsinki, Finland

Address: Check available locations on their official website.

Burgers starting at 9.00 €

Naughty BRGR, Helsinki, Finland
Image from

Who said only Americans can make flawless burgers? Come to Naughty BRGR in Helsinki to try their signature Naughty burger with Finnish beef, melted cheddar and French blue cheese, jam, bacon, arugula, and aioli. It even sounds naughty. 

The calendar of Helsinki flights is here to help you to organize your burger trip to Helsinki.

Fransechetta58, Modena, Italy

Address: Via Vignolese, 58

Emilia burger – 15.00 €

Franceschetta, Modena
Image from

Burger can speak Italian if it is a specialty burger by Fransechetta58. While positioning itself as a bistro, Fransechetta58 gives you all the vibes of an Italian restaurant with a picture-perfect Emilia burger (by the way, it is the only burger included in À la carte and tasting menus). The burger is pretty small, but don’t be fooled by its size because it is served with toppings.

Burgers and Pastrami – BAP, Stockholm, Sweden

Address: Linnégatan 38, 114 47, Stockholm
Official website:

Burgers starting at 11.50 €

BAP Burgers and Pastrami, Stockholm, Sweden.
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Since 2017, Burgers and Pastrami – BAP has offered burgers and pastrami sandwiches with ideal beef and crispy buns. Their must-try burgers are Bronx Burger, Royal with Cheese, and BBQ Swey, all served with sweet potato fries and BAP Fries 2.0, featuring chilies, cilantro, pastrami, red onions, and sauce. 

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Submarine Burger, Zagreb, Croatia

Address: Poljichka Cesta 39, Split 21000 Croatia
Official website:

Burgers starting at 7.90 €

Submarine Burger, Zagreb, Croatia.
Image from

Zagred surprises not only with its 18th-century historic districts and flair but also with its organic burgers and healthy salads from Submarine Burger. To get the best of the venue, taste their Original or Smokehouse burgers with locally sourced ingredients. All burgers are served in a single or double version, so look at the photos and make sure one is enough.

Croatian travel vibes are waiting for you!

Pied De Mammouth, Strasbourg, France

Address: Check available locations on their official website

Burgers starting at 13.00 €

Pied De Mammouth, Strasbourg.
Image from

Foie Gras in France and burgers in the US. Absolutely not! You can find fantastic burgers in France as well if you visit Pied De Mammouth in Strasbourg. Locally sourced ingredients like cheese, charcuterie, and meat make burgers even more exquisite. Make sure to taste the Kirken burger with figs, grilled onions, brie, and coppa (cold-cut pork). Buns are also locally baked and always super fresh. 

Le Ruisseau, Paris, France

Address: 22 Rue Rambuteau 75003
Official website:

Burgers starting at 15.50 €

Le Ruisseau Burger, Paris
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Here is another great place for burger tourism in France to taste something new besides Boeuf Bourguignon or Cassoulet. At Le Ruissea, you will taste “high-end” burgers with Blue d’Auverne, quality beef, and sauce. Try something different like a fish burger with homemade breaded saithe fillet tartar and caper sauce, iceberg lettuce, and lime juice.

Paris is always waiting for you.

Pop’s Place, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Address: Cankarjevo nabrežje 3, 1000
Official website:

Burgers starting at 11.90 €

The Pop's PLace, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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If you happen to travel to Ljubljana, plan a visit to Pop’s Place for their giant Original California Classic burger with a secret sauce, aged cheddar cheese, and a beef blend. Burgers and beer and the top combo here. 

Make sure to handle your air ticket booking in advance for your trip to Ljubljana

Bonus place: Black Angus, Yerevan, Armenia

Address: Abovyan str. 2/5, Yerevan 0010
Official website:

Burgers starting at 5.25 €

Black Angus, Yerevan, Armenia.
image from

Yerevan is truly a city of cultures; from sushi to burgers, wine trips and hiking start points, you will find everything. And as we are talking about burgers, visit Black Angus to taste the town’s highest-rated burgers. The cuisine is inspired by American traditions but with locally sourced products and Armenian passion. Make sure to order their classic double cheese with double pleasure.

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