Beauty trends in Europe

Jet-set glow: Unraveling the connection between travel and beauty in Europe

Beauty trends and travel: how can those two notions ever be related? What about travel and beauty product shopping? Sounds more exciting, right (at least for those interested in skincare and makeup)? Travel enthusiasts, let’s get together because we are about to explore some new stuff in Europe: beauty trends and the best places to shop for beauty products.

P.S. The reason why we have decided to focus on European beauty trends is because their most widespread standards are acceptable and adopted outside Europe—standards we are used to. European beauty brands are also popular across the globe. 

Parisian Elegance: The Epitome of European Glamour

French beauty standards have dramatically changed over the years (like anywhere else, of course), but we still use “French girl” as an adjective for a feminine woman with a romance in her eyes and glowing skin. Fortunately, nothing has changed about glowing skin, and the no-makeup look is still the “French” thing in Paris. Something that is rooted in French women is that the “perfect woman doesn’t need makeup.” 

Chic female walking in the streets of Paris, France.

For French women, too heavy makeup is a “faux pas,” and you may even get comments and unwanted attention. In short, when visiting Paris, leave your full-coverage foundation in your bag and grab your BB cream and some peach blush to become a dream French girl. Where to buy all that stuff? Let’s skip branded boutiques and focus on department stores, where you can basically find everything in one place. Here are the top popular places to shop.

The Galerie Lafayette

Galerie Lafayette is probably the most popular French department store that is, at the same time, upmarket. The flagship store is located on Boulevard Haussmann. The store has the largest cosmetics, perfume, haircare, and skincare department on the ground floor. The beauty department is a haven for every beauty enthusiast and will surely keep you engaged for hours. You can find upscale French brands such as Chanel, Guerlain, Givenchy, and Lancôme, as well as other popular names like Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, and M·A·C Cosmetics. Each brand has its own stand where you can get professional makeup done.

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Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Another popular place to visit is the oldest store on the Left Bank, with its La Petite Epicerie de la Beaute beauty department on the ground floor. The counters are occupied by top makeup and skincare brands for any budget and taste. Plus, the store offers makeup lessons, skincare, and beauty treatments on the go. 

One unique brand not to miss is La Bonne Brosse, with their artisan brushes, promising to bring your hair back to life. If you want to have fun with makeup and bright colors, visit VIOLETTE_FR multi-category cosmetics house. 

Address: 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France Location on the map

Officine Universelle Buly 1803

For a unique Parisian experience, choose the Officine Universelle Buly 1803 apothecary with a huge selection of skincare, all kinds of soaps, oils, and scrubs, all in antique-style bottles and packaging. The products are quite specific but definitely worth trying. 

Address: Le Bon Marché, 24 Rue de Sèvres Rive Gauche 2ème étage, 75007 Paris, France
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Bonus place: CityPharma

For the best prices and a huge product selection from known to unknown local small brands, visit CityPharma. Make sure you visit the store early in the morning because it gets crowded closer to noon. 

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Scandinavian Minimalism: Embracing Natural Beauty

From Montmartre to the vast landscapes of Scandinavia, we continue exploring beauty trends. Scandinavian beauty is something we need to talk about more seriously. Just like their jaw-dropping panoramas, Scandinavian women will inspire you with their effortless beauty. 

When exploring the cities of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, or Denmark, you will probably see the same picture; simple hairstyle in a ponytail or loose, neat hair, no makeup but flawless skin, neat nails, and warm hearts. 

Danish woman in Copenhagen.

The recent trend that will be getting stronger in the coming years is the practice of accentuating unique features, like skin color, and eyebrows, and most importantly, everything is sustainable and organic. Local brands are the ambassadors of clean beauty; people use organic products, and recycled and recyclable packaging, propagating sustainability in their country and globally. People take care of their beauty without taking resources or ruining the beauty of the planet. So powerful and inspiring. 

Where to get those high-quality organic products?

Self Care Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark

Self Care Shop, also called Østerbro’s organic perfumery & beauty clinic, is the epitome of Nordic beauty with organic skincare and perfumery products. You will step into an old pharmacy with a dark Merbau wood floor and white counters, all occupied with glass bottles. Here, you will find all the top Scandinavian beauty brands and other luxury organic brands like REN skincare, Tromborg, Jurlique, Decléor, and others. 

NK Beauty, Stockholm, Sweden

NK Beauty is the largest beauty store in Stockholm and offers the most extensive selection of skincare and cosmetics. At NK Beauty, you can find professional high-end brands, as well as popular and mass-market products. In addition to selling products, they also offer professional makeup consultations. Be sure to check out the Nordic product counters.

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Fredrik & Louisa, Oslo, Norway

With over 50 stores in Norway, Fredrik & Louisa is a popular beauty store with an amazing selection of beauty products. Every customer has a special treatment from beauty experts, skin therapists, and makeup artists. 

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Mediterranean Vibes: Sun-Kissed Glamour and Wellness Rituals

Greek goddesses with their golden pleated wreathes in gorgeous wavy hair, white tunics, and flawless skin; this is the image that comes to mind when thinking of Mediterranean vibes. But does it really match the image of modern beauty standards? Actually yes! Mediterranean sun and beach vibes inspire women to keep everything natural, like effortless waves, glowing skin with BB cream, and lip balm for a slightly plumpy look. You will see a strong “no makeup” look everywhere, and maybe on special occasions, there will be light evening makeup with a focus on lips.

Where to find everything needed to create the image of a Greek goddess?

Hondos Center

The department store is the most popular in Greece, having over 70 stores across the country. Hondos Center presents top luxury brands of cosmetics, hair and skincare, fragrances, bath and body products, and a special section for men and kids.

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Galerie de Beauté

When traveling to Greece, you can find your favorite luxury brands and drugstore products at this beauty department chain with 43 stores. From Estee Lauder to the popular Greek KORRES line, here you will have a full cart of products. 

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Attica Department Store

The third high-end beauty department store is Attica, which offers your favorite beauty products and perfume. The list of brands is quite impressive, from London-based Jo Malone to Middle Eastern beauty brands and scents. 

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Eastern European Chic: Bold Colors and Avant-Garde Style

From glowing, sun-kissed Mediterranean beauty to the bold looks of Eastern European women, we will see absolutely different beauty trends. In countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Bulgaria, we still have the common no-makeup look, usually combined with a casual outfit. But if you go further to Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia, you will see a different scene.

Stylish woman in Yerevan

The girls here are ready for parties at any time of the day. They seem to have so much time in the morning to do makeup professionally. Well, of course, natural no-makeup looks are also spotted here, but again, be ready for head-turning looks. It is fair to mention that women in these countries differ and stand out with their beauty. Both Slavic appearances with porcelain skin and wild jet-black hair and the eyes of Caucasian beauties look stunning, so why not highlight them with makeup? 

Where do women get beauty products in Armenia?


Hermitage Yerevan is the official and exclusive representative of multiple upscale brands of fragrances, unique skincare, and decorative cosmetics. Of course, the “upscale” label comes with “lifted” prices, so be prepared to empty your credit card. 

Address: 9 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan Location on the map


Rouge is the leading distributor of the top popular perfumery and cosmetic brands in Armenia, located at the major shopping malls and the city center. The intense red color of the brand and the killing aroma from open doors won’t let you pass by.

See all locations on the website:


Unveiling a world of beauty for already 20 years, Burmunk offers a curated selection of high-end perfumes and cosmetics from beloved brands. Burmunk’s knowledgeable staff is there to guide you and help you find the perfect products to suit your needs and style.

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Beauty is not absolute; it has different expressions, colors, and styles. You can be beautiful when you are happy, and you can be happy when you travel. So why spend thousands of dollars on beauty products when there is a natural kit to add glow to your skin, glitter to your eyes, and blush to your cheeks? Be happy and beautiful!

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