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Direct flights to Prague

The most popular direct flights to Prague are operated from Milan, Amsterdam, Zurich, Edinburgh, Brussels, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, London, Vienna, Marseille, Paris, Warsaw, Dubai, Doha, Riga, Naples, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Sofia and other cities of the world.

Flights to Prague are operated by such airlines as Czech Airlines, Wizz Air, Air France, Eurowings, LOT, Easyjet, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, Finnair, Ryanair, Jet2, Vueling, and many other famous air companies from all over the world.

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5 reasons why you should fly to Prague

  1. The city has a rich history and culture. Prague is known for its beautiful castles, churches, and other historical landmarks, such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.
  2. The city is known for its stunning architecture. Prague has a mix of Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modern buildings, making it a city with a unique and beautiful skyline.
  3. The food in Prague is delicious. Czech cuisine is known for its hearty dishes, such as roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, goulash, and schnitzel. There are also many great restaurants in the city that offer a variety of international cuisines.
  4. The city is relatively affordable compared to other European capitals. Prices for accommodation, food, and attractions in Prague are generally lower than in cities like Paris, London, or Amsterdam.
  5. Prague is a great destination for a weekend getaway. The city is small enough to explore in a few days, and there are many great things to see and do, including visiting museums, taking a stroll through the Old Town, or enjoying a drink at one of the city’s many beer gardens.

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