Lisbon travel bucket list

Lisbon streets, photo by Michal HajtasLisbon streets, photo by Michal Hajtas

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Explore Lisbon: bucket list for tourist

The coastal capital of Portugal with pastel-colored buildings and tiled roofs is the largest city, country’s political, economic, and tourist center. The town still restrains the 19th-century vibe despite the modern drive and buildings. You will find unique architecture, rich history, best food, and nightlife you won’t want to miss.

Things not to miss in Lisbon

  • Wonder at the Torre de Belém, a beautiful tower, resembling the mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. 
  • Ride Tram 28 through the steep, cobbled roads and discover the city’s history while passing through the majestic places. 
  • Wander in Alfama District, the oldest part of the city with winding streets and narrow alleys, tile fronted chapels, and the Lisbon Cathedral.
  • Enjoy the nightlife at Bairro Alto and sip Caipirinha in one of the bars in the neighborhood. 
  • Find Casa Independente, a private residence with furnished rooms and a down-to-earth ambiance where you can enjoy drinks, cool music, and parties. 

Eat like a local in Lisbon

  • Find over 40 food categories in the Time Out Market Lisboa and spend some time trying at least half of them. 
  • Have one of the most amazing meals at Michelin-starred Loco restaurant with avant-garde Portuguese cuisine.
  • Visit Lisbon’s oldest restaurant Martinho da Arcada to enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Try the best roast cod, veal steaks, and roasted potato at Zé da Mouraria.
  • Have dinner at Gambrinus with a croquette, Gambrinus tulip (mixed beer), and watch the preparation of the balloon coffee.
  • Take a picture of pancakes with mascarpone and strawberries at Nicolau Lisboa cafe.
Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal, and enjoy your travel with Euro Directions travel magazine!
Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal, and enjoy your travel with Euro Directions travel magazine! Photo by Vesela Vaclavik

Where to stay in Lisbon

  • Choose the ambient atmosphere of Wine & Books Lisboa 5-star Hotel that will become the best epitome of your vacation in the capital. 
  • Located in the historic Alfama district, 4-star Memmo Alfama – Design Hotel will make you enjoy every moment of your stay.
  • Be Poet Baixa Hotel has a more affordable option with a modern interior, rich colors, and decorations.
  • Save on the accommodation in Lisbon and still enjoy comfort booking a bed in Yes! Lisbon Hostel.
  • Take a one-day trip to Cascais and stay in a luxurious Westlight Cascais Chalet hotel with breathtaking beach views.

Fly to Lisbon

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