Explore Gyumri ∙ Visitor Guide

Gyumri central squareGyumri central square. Photo by Vardan Papikyan, Eurodirections.com

Explore Gyumri: bucket for traveler

With the spirit of the 18th century still in the air, Gyumri attracts thousands of guests willing to enjoy the authentic atmosphere, good food, previous centuries’ architecture, and Armenian hospitality. The second-largest city is worth visiting as part of the country’s culture. 

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Things not to miss in Gyumri

Gyumri streets

  • Stroll about the historic center of Gyumri, Kumayri district, with cobbled streets and thousands of historic buildings.
  • Take an impressive photo shoot in the Black fortress of Gyumri and admire the power of the 360-degree round building.
  • Find Gyumri’s Art Nouveau style in Abovyan streets and take a lazy evening walk about the boulevard. 
  • Explore the unique architecture and atmosphere of churches, part of them badly damaged by a devastating earthquake.
  • Visit Armenia’s oldest barbershop with a soviet-times interior that hasn’t been changed since soviet times (only men are allowed). 

Gyumri video guide

Eat like a local in Gyumri

  • Try the best fresh fish dishes in Cherkezi Dzor, a fish farm and a restaurant with signature trout and Siberian sturgeon dishes.
  • Enjoy a warm evening with local beer and a live concert in Gyumri Garden House open-air cafe-pub.
  • Sip a glass of wine in Tol Chill and Cocktail Bar, soaking in the city’s laid-back vibe.
  • Taste local traditional dishes in Chalet Gyumri and experience cooking classes if you want to take a piece of Gyumri with you.
  • Have a cup of herbal tea with homemade chocolate or honey dessert in Herbs & Honey Gyumri

Where to stay in Gyumri

  • From 5-star accommodations, choose GRAND HOTEL GYUMRI by APRICOT Hotels with the comfort and amenities you require.
  • Though Konjelazia – Tourism & Design has no star, it is definitely a top choice to embrace the authentic atmosphere of Gyumri.
  • Another authentic place with an incompatible interior is Hye Aspet «Հայ Ասպետ» hotel.
  • You can choose the Gyumri loft hostel with dorm and private rooms as an affordable option.



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