Best pizzerias in Europe: From Italy to Spain and Belgium to Germany

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Let's discover the best pizzerias in Europe.

Parla come mango! I can definitely speak the way I eat, especially when I eat pizza. Sorry for the mouth-watering and cholesterol-filled images in advance, but today everything will be about pizza.

History of Pizza

Eating another slice of my favorite quarto formaggi, I thought of pizza’s origin. Yes, I heard some stories about how the idea of pizza was born but nothing specific. So here is a story. Pizza, with its humble origins in Italy, has transformed into a global phenomenon. It all started in Naples in the late 18th century when the town’s poorer residents began topping flatbreads with tomatoes. But we have earlier mentions of pizza-like food from 19 BCE. Rome’s great poet Virgil described “We devour the plates on which we fed.”

Let’s get back to AD (enjoying one more bite of my pizza). 

Outdoor pizzeria

By the late 19th century, pizza had become a beloved dish in Italy and started its journey across the world, evolving into various styles and flavors. From the classic Margherita to the modern gourmet variations (we are not talking about pineapple pizza, sorry guys), pizza has become a symbol of culinary diversity and innovation.

By the way, the word pizza was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta.

The story of pizza doesn’t make it more or less tasty, it just makes it more pizza-ish, I guess. 

Pizza tourism: Best pizzerias in Europe

Italian pizza tastes different in Italy, but it doesn’t mean you cannot find pizza that sounds like poetry anywhere else. Trusting the reviews of thousands of pizza lovers like me, we have this list of the top 15 best pizzerias in Europe. 

Fratelli Figurato, Madrid, Spain

Fratelli Figurato, founded by two Italian brothers, has quickly become a staple in Madrid. Known for its authentic Neapolitan pizza, this pizzeria brings original Neapolitan pizza to the Spanish capital. Pizzas are made with traditional techniques using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Specialty: Their signature dish is the Diego Armada, dedicated to Maradona. Also, leave room for coffee and Cannoli Siciliani.

Address: Calle de Larra, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain | See location on map
Pizzas start at €11.9

Sartoria Panatieri, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona isn’t short on award-winning venues (if you follow our blog you have probably seen more mentions of Barcelona’s restaurants). The second popular venue to try the best pizza in the town is Sartoria Panatieri, celebrated for its commitment to local, organic produce. For pizzas they make dough from organic flour, leaving it for 48 hours. 

Specialty: “Dalla Fattoria all pizza” (from farm to pizza), Sartorial offers the craziest combinations, like Cantabrian anchovies with raw escarole.

Address: Check out their locations on the website. | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €10

Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Vienna, Austria

The multi-award-winning Via Toledo Enopizzeria brings a slice of Naples to Vienna with crispy and light pizzas, just like we all love. It’s renowned for its traditional wood-fired oven and authentic Neapolitan flavors. You can start with the La Mano tasting menu featuring a 7-course tasting menu or get straight to the pizza party.

Specialty: The Pizza Margherita DOP, made with certified ingredients from Naples, is a crowd favorite. Also, try Pizza Diavola with spicy salami and cream cheese. 

Address: Laudongasse 13, 1080 Wien, Austria | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €9,90

Pizza Zulù, Fürth, Germany

Formerly known as Naples Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, Pizza Zulù stands out in Germany with its vibrant and creative approach to pizza. Though it has changed its name, it never changed the quality of ingredients and final product. The pizzeria is known for its colorful and flavorful toppings.

Specialty: Try vegan pizza for tomatoes and grilled veggies as an alternative to traditional pizzas.

Address: Königstrasse 81 90762, Fürth, Germany | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €8,50

nNea, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ranked as Europe’s one of the best pizzas, nNea in Amsterdam is the brainchild of Vincenzo Onnembo, an Italian chef who combines tradition with modern culinary techniques. It is the New Neapolis, the new pizza era. The secret of their perfect dough is leaving it for 50 hours. 

Specialty: Their Orange n’Blue, featuring buffalo blue cheese with roasted pumpkin, is a standout.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 92, 1053 KX Amsterdam, Netherlands | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €11

La Pizza è Bella Gourmet, Brussels, Belgium

Want to feel the true taste of 100% traditional Neapolitan cuisine in Brussels? Remember this name because La Pizza è Bella promises to give you those vibes with a palette of Southern Italy’s flavors. Ranked among Europe’s 50 best pizzerias, the venue is not only about taste but sustainability with its eco-packaging, and homemade products. The Brussels pizzeria is famous for its gourmet pizzas that blend Italian tradition with Belgian creativity.

Specialty: Make sure to taste their San Daniele with San Daniele ham, buffalo mozzarella, and a piece of buffalo meat

Address: Rue Lebeau 7, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €14

Surt, Copenhagen, Denmark

Surt takes pizza to new heights with their famous sourdough, leavened for 30-35 hours, a perfect base for toppings that blend the best of local and Italian organic produce. Who could imagine that you could find Italian passion in chilly Copenhagen?

Specialty: Their Rianata, featuring anchovy with Siccagno tomato sauerkraut and lots of oregano. This pizza is perfectly matched with Danish craft beer. 

Address: Bag Elefanterne 2, Copenhagen, 1799 Denmark | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €16.74
Website: surtcph. dk

Franko’s Pizza & Bar, Zagreb, Croatia

Franko’s Pizza & Bar is a beloved spot in Zagreb, known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious wood-fired pizzas. Available in two versions, airy Napoletana and crispy Romana, Franco’s pizzas make you want more. vegetarian menu includes no less tasty veggie options. The wine list is a perfect complement to their pizza menu. 

Specialty: Don’t miss out on La Passione Rustica with San Manzano DOP with spicy sausage and chili peppers or Easy Daisy with buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, and golden mushrooms. 

Address: Kneza Branimira 71A, Zagreb, Croatia | See location on the map
Pizzas start at: €9.50

Guillaume Grasso, Paris, France

Enjoying a pizza at Guillaume’s is like experiencing the charm of a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria but in Paris. Guillaume Grasso offers authentic Italian pizza, using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Tomato sauce and pizzas with buffalo mozzarella are the thing to try! The new technique of making dough gives you the desired slightly crispy fluffy and light feel

Specialty: Margherita is the bestseller of the restaurant. 

Address: 45 rue Brancion, 75015 Paris, France | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €15

Malafemmena, Berlin, Germany

Malafemmena is a hotspot in Berlin for Neapolitan pizza, serving some of Europe’s best pizzas with airy crust and rich toppings.

Specialty: The Margherita DOC, made with San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, is a highlight.

Address: Hauptstraße 85, 12159 Berlin, Germany | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €11.90

Forza, Helsinki, Finland

Forza in Helsinki combines Finnish ingredients with Italian techniques, creating unique and flavorful pizzas. Even if the prices are higher than usual, the quality makes you pay the bill.

Specialty: If you love a spicy experience, taste Stay Hot pizza with Fior di Latte mozzarella, spicy Calabrian salami, and chili olive oil.

Address: Pursimiehenkatu 29-31, Helsinki 00150 | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €17

Zielona Górka, Pabianice, Poland

Why visit the small town of Pabianice when there are more popular cities in Poland? Just because you will find one of the tastiest pizzas. Zielona Górka is a hidden gem with a cozy atmosphere, a huge Neapolitan oven, and traditional pizzas paired with wine. 

Specialty: Try their Bandiera Italiana with Włoska Flaga Pesto or spicy Pepperoni with generous toppings and flavorful sauce.

Address: Zielona 8, 95-200 Pabianice, Poland | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €9

Kytaly, Geneva, Switzerland

Kytaly promises to give oh-so-loved light and fluffy pizzas found only in Italy. DOP ingredients, authentic atmosphere, the chef working by the oven—what else do we need to enjoy our time?

Specialty: Pizza Margherita is an absolute favorite, with a good portion of buffalo mozzarella. 

Address: Bd. Georges-Favon 12, 1204 Genève, Switzerland | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €20

Belli di Mamma, Budapest, Hungary

Everything about this place is so “Italian,” from the name to the flavors and pizzas. You will love it just like thousands of residents and guests of Budapest for their authentic Italian pizzas and warm ambiance.

Specialty: Go for traditional Margherita and Marinara or experiment with new flavors like Belli di Mamma with grilled red shrimp, greenpeas cream, and cherry tomatoes (and, of course, mozzarella). 

Address: Akácfa u. 45, 1072 Budapest, Hungary | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €6

Bonus place: Pizza RIA, Yerevan, Armenia 

This cozy little pizzeria is hands down the best in Yerevan and can make you feel the taste of traditional Neapolitan pizza. The always crowded place talks louder than these words. 

Specialty: Make sure to try Bresaola with dry-aged beef, mozzarella, and lots of parmesan.

Address: Saryan str. 12/2, Yerevan, Armenia 0002 | See location on the map
Pizzas start at €9.20
Instagram: @pizzaria_armenia
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Female is eating a pizza and drinking tomato juice in the open-air Pizzeria.

Wherever you travel, whoever you hang out with, pizza is your best companion, and quality and delicious pizza is also an unforgettable pleasure that will always be remembered and remain in your best memories, related to the place where you tasted it. I hope you find our guide to the best European pizzerias useful in your search for delicious pizza

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