Best croissant in Europe: 12 European destinations to delight your senses

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Let's discover where the best croissants are baked and served in Europe.

Today I wanted to eat a croissant. So I went to the place that sells croissants. And I bought a croissant. And I returned home with the croissant, and then I ate the croissant. Hope you recognized the famous meme about the coissant; if not, hurry up to watch it before we move on to discover the best croissant in Europe.

Brief history of croissants

Do you know how to pronounce “croissant?” It is important to have the right pronunciation because if you spell it wrong, it will become a simple pastry. Croissant almost sounds like a melody, and the taste… Crunchy, with your favorite stuffing. It’s not your regular bagels or cupcakes; croissants have a history.
While croissant evokes images of Parisian mornings in a cafe with espresso, croissant has a surprisingly complex history, and the origins are still debated.

The first mentions of layered pastry can be traced back to Vienna, where kipferl, a crescent-shaped pastry, was very popular in the 13th century. Later, in the 18th century, the Viennese bakeries and the pastry crossed the border into France. The lighter and flakier version of the kipferl by August Zang has become the Frech croissant. The modern croissant, though, got its final taste and look from Sylvain Claudius Goy, who used a laminated dough technique for an extra flaky effect. Could you imagine croissants having such a rich history? Think of it when eating your next croissant.

 An extra-big and tasty croissant served on the table in the coffee shop.
DId you know? A fun fact about croissants: A single croissant might have more than 1,000 layers of butter and dough! This complex layering is done by repeatedly folding butter into the dough, making air pockets that give the croissant its flaky texture and delicious taste. Image: An extra-big and tasty croissant served on the table in the coffee shop. Image generated by AI.

Why are we still talking about croissants? Everything is simple. We are going to hunt for the best croissants across Europe. With a croissant in my mind and one in my hand, let’s start our journey.

Europe’s tastiest croissants

If you search for the best croissant in Europe, the first thing you will find is the numerous locations in Paris. And, maybe, some of the best croissants are even found there, but our search will definitely go far beyond Paris and France.

Locations where you can find the best croissant in Europe

Discover the best croissant in Europe.
Discover the best croissant in Europe. Image generated by AI.

La Pastisseria, Barcelona

La Pastisseria, Barcelona
La Pastisseria, Barcelona. Image by

Address: Aragó, 228 Eixample Esquerre, Barcelona
Croissants starting at € 1.10

After winning the World Pastry Cup, pastry chef J. M. Rodríguez Guerola opened a wonderful place named La Pastisseria Barcelona with the best croissants in the town. He describes his croissants as light, crunchy, and not too sweet; at a reasonable price, people will be ready to pay. Besides classy croissants, it is worth trying his signature toasted crema catalana croissant in cinnamon sauce and lemon zest. Those croissants make a perfect match with a cappuccino.

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Moulin Chocolat, Madrid

Moulin Chocolat, Madrid
Moulin Chocolat, Madrid

Address: Calle de Alcalá, 77, 28009 Madrid

There are many other famous bakeries with fantastic croissants, but if you are looking for the best chocolate croissants, Moulin Chocolat is the one to visit. The bakery is a favorite escape for lovers of all things sweet; this place offers the crunchiest croissants. A must-try is the croissant de crema tostada by the chef.

Pastelaria Careca, Lisbon

O Careca Lisbon
Duchesse e galao, O Careca Lisbon. Image from

Address: R. Duarte Pacheco Pereira, 11D, Lisbon
Croissants starting at € 1.75

The connoisseurs of the best pastries, Pastelaria Careca, presents a generation of chefs who have grown and improved their skills to perfection. That’s why their croissants are some of the best in Lisbon. Nothing can be compared with the quality time spent in their garden with coffee and crunchy croissants.

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Fort 9, Amsterdam

Fort Negen Amsterdam
Fort Negen Amsterdam. Image from

Address: Jan Evertsenstraat 31, 1057 BM Amsterdam

And now our quest for the best croissant in Europe brings us to the Netherlands. Proudly called the crown jewel of Amsterdam’s croissants, Fort Negen (Fort 9) is always crowded with people coming here for freshly baked croissants. The specialty of the bakery is cheese croissants with different toppings, like pesto with almonds, black olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. If you are craving sweet croissants, ask for triple chocolate croissants.

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Dompierre Boulangerie, Munich

Dompierre Boulangerie Munich, Germany
Dompierre Boulangerie Munich, Germany. Screenshot from

Address: Check one of the locations on their website:
Croissants starting at € 2.50

A true French bakery can be found in the heart of Munich. Here in Dompierre Boulangerie, you will always feel the aroma of fresh pastries early at 7 am, inviting guests to taste the best croissants. The uniqueness of Dompierre is the Danish dough and a layer of French butter. The bakery’s specialty is Croissant aux Amandes, an almond croissant with almond cream and covered with flaked almonds.

Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie, Stockholm

Fosch Patisserie Stockholm, Sweden.
Fosch Patisserie Stockholm, Sweden. Screenshot from

Address: Löjtnantsgatan 8, 115 50 Stockholm
Croissants starting at € 3.40

Some of the most delicious croissants can be found in Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie, which delights residents and guests with always fresh and mouth-watering pastries. Croissants are crafted with a blend of classy French fineness and local highlights. The patisserie’s specialty is almond croissants with the most delicate cream and almond flakes.

Artic Bakehouse, Prague Czechia.
Artic Bakehouse, Prague Czechia. Image from

Address: Check one of the five locations on their website:
Croissants starting at € 2.17

The scent of freshly baked bread and pastries attracts you as soon as you get closer to the bakehouse. While the specialty of the bakery is traditional Icelandic sourdough bread, Artic Bakehouse is known in Prague for some of the best croissants as well. Besides classy croissants, make sure to take the chocolate, almond, or nougat croissants covered with cookie crumble.

Freyja, Budapest

Freyja - Croissant Story bakery and cafe in Budapest, Hungary.
Freyja – Croissant Story bakery and cafe in Budapest, Hungary. Image from

Address: 1074 Budapest, Szövetség utca 10-12
Croissants starting at € 2.18

Here in Freyja, croissants are poetry. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, Freyja croissants melt in your mouth. The uniqueness lies in their own flour, fresh ingredients, French butter, and natural sourdough. The process is longer, but the result is worth every minute. For stuffing and ganaches, they use only premium chocolates, fresh fruit, and homemade jams.

Pavè, Milan

Pave Milano Pasticceria.
Pave Milano Pasticceria. Screenshot from

Address: Via Felice Casati 27, Milan
Croissants starting at € 2.00

When the French come to Milan and call Pavè croissants the best in the world, this definitely means something. Awarded as the best pastry shop in Italy among the other 50 candidates, Pavè is your destination for the tastiest breakfasts in Milan. The shop’s specialty is cheese croissants, but make sure to try croissants with fresh fruits and almonds, candied ginger, and lemon.

Cro, Vienna

Cro Patisserie - Croissant and Coffee Shop in Vienna, Austria.
Cro Patisserie – Croissant and Coffee Shop in Vienna, Austria. Screenshot from

Address: Lugeck 3, 1010, Vienna
Croissants starting at € 2.80

The croissant cafe has established itself as the most sensational croissant in the heart of Vienna. The choice of croissants is really impressive, and it may even take you a few minutes to decide which one to taste. So start with a pistachio croissant filled with raspberry coulis and coated with pistachio cream. The vanilla croissant also looks delicious, especially with a meringue top.

Bonus place: Brioche, Yerevan

Brioche coffee shop and boulangerie in Yerevan, Armenia.
Brioche coffee shop and boulangerie in Yerevan, Armenia. Image from Brioche Yerevan Facebook page.

Address: 31 Moskovyan Str, Yerevan
Croissants starting at € 1.26

Yerevan welcomes guests with multiple patisseries and boulangeries in European style, offering residents and guests the most delicious desserts. The one to taste the best croissants is Brioche, a typical French boulangerie-café in the heart of Yerevan. With a history spanning 10 years, Brioche is now called Croissant French Bakery, where everything smells like crunchy croissants. Make sure to try breakfasts with croissants.

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Top 5 places for croissant experience in Paris

Find the places where the best croissants are served in Paris, France.
Find the places where the best croissants are served in Paris, France. Image generated by AI.


Address: 51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France
Croissants starting at € 1.20

Stohrer Elegant Pâtisserie, Paris France.
Stohrer Elegant Pâtisserie, Paris France. Image from Stohrer’s Facebook page.

Founded by King Louis XV’s pastry chef, Nicolas Stohrer, in 1730, Stohrer is one of the top-quality bakeries in Paris. The oldest pâtisserie presents the richest tradition of pastry production, particularly almond croissants known for their rich almond cream. Come here to enjoy the Sunday sun with coffee and a signature almond croissant.

Laurent Duchêne

Address: 238 Rue de la Convention, 75015, Paris, France
Croissants starting at € 1.50

Laurent Duchêne Patisserie Paris, France
Laurent Duchêne Patisserie Paris, France. Image from

The bakery is best known for its signature croissant au chocolat, crispy layers with the tastiest melted chocolate and praline in the heart, and richly covered with the same chocolate. By the way, the bakery holds a prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” title, which proves it offers one of the best pastries.

Maison Pichard

Address: 88 Rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris, France
Croissants starting at € 1

Maison Pichard bakery and shop in Paris, France.
Maison Pichard bakery and shop in Paris, France.

The winner of the Best Croissant in Paris in 2011, Maison Pichard is a small family-run bakery that has brought the recipe of their croissant to perfection. While classy croissants are at the top, the bakery is best known for honeycomb-filled croissants.

Du Pain et des Idées

Address: 34 rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris, France
Croissants starting at € 2.60

Du Pain et des Idées Boulangerie in Paris, France.
Du Pain et des Idées Boulangerie in Paris, France. Image from

An absolute favorite, Du Pain et des Idées is recommended by critics, residents, guests, and anyone who has once tasted their croissants. For the boulangerie, this pastry is a cult; crispy-taled, crunchy, and buttery. Moreover, you will find an infinite selection of other pastries to die for.
Du Pain et des Idées, occupying the 19th-century historic building, opens a wonderful view of Canal St. Martin, offering a unique experience in true Amélie style.

Join us as we explore, taste, and discover the irresistible charm of Europe’s best croissant bakeries. Bon appétit and happy travels!

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