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Where do British tourists travel by air in 2023?

The popular destinations are experiencing significant price increases.

Summer travel. Photo by Daniel SchludiSummer travel. Photo by Daniel Schludi

British tourists who are considering traveling to Italy, Turkey, and Cyprus are advised to book their trips soon as package holiday prices are expected to rise. These popular destinations are experiencing significant price increases.

Where do British tourists travel mostly?

According to data from the ONS, the cost of flights has risen by over 44%. Consumer experts are urging individuals who are planning to travel to act quickly, as research from Which? has found that the price of holiday packages has increased by 19% year-over-year due to rising expenses for operators.

London-Larnaca flights real-time calendar

See the real-time prices of London-Larnaca flight

The increase in prices primarily impacted six main destinations from the United Kingdom: Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, and Cyprus. Greece had the most significant price increases, with the average cost of a week-long holiday being 30% more than the previous year. For one person, the average cost was £867 this summer.

London-Barcelona flights calendar

The cost of travel has also increased by 20% in Italy, Spain, and Turkey. Other airline executives had previously warned about rising prices.

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