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Kutaisi Airport passenger traffic increased up to 63%

The passenger traffic in Kutaisi Airport is significantly increasing

Kutaisi, GeorgiaKutaisi. Image: Shutterstock

The United Airports of Georgia has reported impressive figures for Kutaisi International Airport in February 2023, with passenger traffic soaring by 63% compared to the same month last year. This growth is a testament to the airport’s increasing popularity as a travel hub in the western region of Georgia.

In addition to the surge in passenger traffic, the number of flights at the airport has also increased by 59% in comparison to the figures recorded in 2021. The airport served a total of 256 flights last month, providing more travel options for passengers and contributing to the airport’s overall success.

Kutaisi International Airport is currently serviced by five airline companies, offering flights to 28 destinations across 17 countries. The airport’s expanding network of international destinations makes it a convenient travel option for both locals and tourists. This means that flights to Kutaisi are available from most of the European cities.

Furthermore, the airport is set to receive an additional boost with the return of Hungarian airline Wizz Air’s third jet, which will be stationed at the facility. The airline is also planning to introduce five new European destinations later this year, which will further enhance the airport’s connectivity to major European cities.

Overall, the significant increase in passenger traffic and flight numbers, as well as the expansion of the airport’s airline network, reflects Kutaisi International Airport’s growing importance as a key transportation hub in western Georgia.

Starting in June 2023, Wizz Air, a budget airline from Hungary, will introduce new routes from Kutaisi International Airport in western Georgia to five major European cities. These new routes will offer direct flights to Brussels, Madrid, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Poznań twice a week, providing travelers with more options to explore Europe.

Furthermore, the airline is also increasing its flight frequency to four other European cities – Paris, Milan, Prague, and Memmingen – during the summer season. This move is expected to increase the airport’s connectivity and provide travelers with more options to reach popular destinations across Europe.

The addition of these new routes and increased frequency of flights by Wizz Air is a major development for Kutaisi International Airport, highlighting the airport’s growing importance as a key transportation hub in the western region of Georgia. With the airport’s expanding network of international destinations and the introduction of new routes, travelers will have more options to explore Europe while enjoying affordable and convenient air travel.

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