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Brussels, Belgium

Trip routes to Brussels, Belgium

We’re in a rush to travel to Brussels, one of the famous sites and the heart of Europe that is worth visiting, no doubt. Brussels is obviously one of the most visited cities in Europe, it’s in the top 10 destinations among worldwide travelers. Here we collected great options for trip to Brussels by train, bus or airplane.

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There are both flight, train, and bus routes to Brussels, Belgium. The famous origins of travel routes to Brussels are Amsterdam, Paris, Brugges, Luxembourg, Dortmund, Hamburg, etc. Here you can see a list of cheap flights to Brussels. By clicking on the destination, you can see the cheapest air ticket prices and compare the flights in different booking systems and online travel agencies.

Amsterdam-Brussels by bus

Most popular air travel routes to Brussels

Talking about flights to Brussels it’s worth mentioning the popular and the most demanded routes in Europe heading to Brussels – the capital of the European Union and Belgium.

Amsterdam-Brussels trip by plane ✈

Let’s fly from Amsterdam to Brussels. It’s one of the shortest air travel routes in Europe which connects two capital cities of European countries.

It is also noteworthy that the air trip from Amsterdam to Brussels is also quite affordable because the trip line is served by several budget airlines, whose price policy is quite democratic.

Amsterdam-Brussels by bus

The bus journey from Amsterdam to Brussels takes 2 hours 45 minutes. Passenger transport arrives in Brussels North Station and is carried out daily from both Amsterdam Sloterdijk bus station and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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Dortmund-Brussels trip by plane

The road from Dortmund in Germany to Brussels is not that long either. You can get from Dortmund to Brussels in about an hour by direct flight. And the bus trip will take about 5 hours.

Dortmund-Brussels trip by bus

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Dortmund-Brussels travel by train

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Paris-Brussels flights

Perhaps the most trendy airline route, from Paris to Brussels. This destination is served by several popular and budget airlines, and Paris-Brussels air tickets can almost always be bought at the cheapest prices.

Paris-Brussels trip by bus

The direct route from Paris to Brussels by tourist bus can be more comfortable, the journey duration of which is a little more than four hours.

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Paris-Brussels trip by train

You can get from Paris to Brussels by train. Trip duratio is about one hour and 20 minutes, which is very comfortable in difference of a bus trip. The price of Paris-Brussels train ticket starts from €82*. 

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Milan-Brussels flights

The calendar of air ticket prices for Milan-Brussels flights is shown below for planning a trip in advance comparing cheap days and months.

Milan-Brussels trip by bus

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Vienna-Brussels trip by plane

Check out the flights from Vienna, Austria to Brussels, Belgium with the trip calendar.

Vienna-Brussels by bus

There is another option for getting to Brussels from Vienna by bus coach. Trip by bus from Vienna to Brussels 20 hours, and costs as low as €61.85*.

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Tallinn-Brussels flights

Air Baltic, Ryanair and other airlines are able to get you to Brussels either by direct flights or by transit directions. Check the flights from Tallinn to Brussels here.

Tallinn-Brussels bus trip

You can travel to Brussels from Tallinn by choosing the bus service. Tallinn-Brussels bus trip goes by one transfer and costs about 90 Euros.

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Frankfurt-Brussels flights

The first operator for flights from Frankfurt to Brussels is Lufthansa, but you can find other carriers and travel from Frankfurt to Brussels more affordable.

Frankfurt-Brussels trip by bus or train

There are also train and bus routes from Frankfurt to Brussels, the ticket prices of which can be checked from the link below․ The cost of a bus transfer from Frankfurt to Brussels starts from 36 Euros*, and you can travel by train from 30 Euros*.

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