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Budapest Airport anticipates record-breaking summer season 2024

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Budapest Airport anticipates record-breaking summer season with projected 18% traffic growth in 2024

The summer 2024 flight schedule at the Budapest airport takes effect on March 31st, featuring numerous new flights. Driving the expansion are two low-cost carriers, Ryanair from Ireland and its Hungarian counterpart, Wizz Air. Travelers can now access 122 cities and 130 airports through 39 airlines this summer. The summer timetable will remain active until the end of October.

Brief info

  • Budapest Airport’s summer 2024 flight schedule starts on March 31 with new flights.
  • Ryanair and Wizz Air are leading the expansion with low-cost flights to 122 cities.
  • TUI joins with routes to London-Gatwick and Manchester for Danube cruises.
  • Expectations for Uzbekistan’s Qanot Sharq return this summer.
  • Ryanair introduces new flights to Milan, Tirana, Faro, Trieste, Frankfurt-Hahn, and Skiathos.
  • Wizz Air adds routes to Brassó, Brussels, Bucharest, Stuttgart, Valencia, Yerevan, and Chișinău.
  • Wizz Air plans frequency increases to Milan, Rome, Basel, Athens, Madrid, Malta, and Nice.
  • Ryanair expands flights to Alghero, Málaga, Sofia, Berlin, Pisa, and Birmingham.
  • EasyJet boosts operations with more flights to Basel and Geneva.
  • Summer timetable remains active until October, providing extensive travel options.

TUI and Qanot Sharq in Budapest

A new airline, TUI, is set to debut at Budapest Airport, offering two routes to London-Gatwick and Manchester. These flights will cater to passengers embarking on Danube ship cruises from Budapest. Additionally, the return of Uzbekistan’s Qanot Sharq is expected this summer, although Budflyer remains cautious about its certainty.

Ryanair’s expansion in Budapest

Ryanair’s new flights from Budapest Airport encompass Milan Malpensa, Tirana (Albania), Faro (Portugal), Trieste (Italy), Frankfurt-Hahn, and Skiathos (Greece). Meanwhile, Wizz Air will transport passengers to Brassó (Brasov, Transylvania, Romania), Brussels, Bucharest, Stuttgart, Valencia, Yerevan (Armenia), and Chișinău (Republic of Moldova).

Wizz Air’s new directions from Budapest

Additionally, there will be increased flight frequencies in several directions. Wizz Air is planning to increase the number of flights to ten destinations, including Milan, Rome, Basel, Athens, Madrid, Malta, and Nice (France). Ryanair, on the other hand, will deploy more planes to Alghero (Sardinia, Italy), Málaga, Sofia, Berlin, Pisa, and Birmingham. EasyJet will also ramp up operations, offering 13 flights to Basel and 6 to Geneva (Switzerland) every week.

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