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Airlines at Spanish airports will exceed 2019 capacity levels during summer 2023

The capacity of airlines at Spanish airports during the summer will surpass the levels seen in 2019.

Aena - airport operator in SpainImage by @Aena Twitter

During the summer schedule, Aena, the airport operator, has announced 2,950 scheduled routes from its airport network.

Managing over 40 airports in Spain, Aena has announced that the total number of airline seats scheduled for the upcoming 2023 summer season at its airports will surpass 2019 levels by 4.4%.

Aena has released a statement revealing that airlines have scheduled 221.8 million seats and nearly 1.3 million commercial operations in its airport network for the summer season, which began on March 26 and will continue until October 28.

Aena’s airport network will have 2,950 routes scheduled for this summer season, which is 39 more than in 2019. However, the two largest airports, Madrid and Barcelona, are expected to have seat levels below 2019 with airlines offering 44.5 million and 37.2 million seats respectively. These numbers would represent 99% and 93% of the 2019 levels.

Aena airports’ international routes will experience a 10% rise in capacity for the Italian and French markets this summer compared to 2019. The capacity will be particularly high for flights to Morocco, Poland, and Portugal, with increases of 60%, 46%, and 30% respectively from 2019. Conversely, the UK and Germany routes’ capacity is predicted to drop by 4% compared to summer 2019.

To promote new routes to unserved destinations, growth on routes at airports with less than 3 million passengers, and growth on routes to Asia, Aena is providing incentives to airlines.

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