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Yerevan hotels selection by our editors

A pink city with a romantic name and character is young and at the same time old, with wrinkles of history imprinted on the landscape. As an interesting new direction in Europe, Yerevan has hosted 1,7 million tourists during the past few years. The trip to Armenia is about exciting moments and emotions, the taste of wine, and authentic brandy. Find more trending destinations in Europe

Our editors designed a special list of featured hotels in Yerevan for all type of travelers: for those who have a little budget and prefers to stay at cozy but not expensive hotels, and for those who prefer maximum quality and comfort.

Enjoy your trip to Yerevan and read the traveler’s bucket list for Yerevan trip here »

Featured hotels in Yerevan


ℹ Tips for travelers 

Things not to miss in Yerevan

  • Dance with the Singing fountains on Republic square and admire the show.
  • Walk up the 572 stairs of the huge Cascade monument to enjoy the best view of the Theater of Opera and Ballet.
  • Discover valuable exhibits of Cafesjian Center for the Arts and rare pieces located throughout the Cascade.
  • Stroll about the Erebuni Fortress, the ruins of an ancient city built in 782 BC, and visit the Erebuni Museum to find the traces of Urartian civilization.
  • Bargain in Vernissage, open-air flea market to purchase unique silver jewelry pieces, Armenian handmade carpets, wood souvenirs, and more.
  • Explore Yerevan Noy Wine Brandy and Vodka Factory cells, and don’t miss out on the degustation hall to taste Ararat cognac.
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