Tirana bucket list

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Welcome to Tirana, Albania

Definitely not a transit stop nor a day trip destination, Tirana is a fantastic place to see the beauty of Albania and the Balkans. Tirana doesn’t have the flair of a traditional European city, but it has a unique vibe of its own with a blend of past and present. Take your beautiful adventure to Tirana and discover the mood of Albania.

Things not to miss in Tirana

  • Dive into the past of Albania in Bunk’art 2, the place of imprisonment and torture.
  • Visit the abandoned pyramid that was once a museum of Enver Hoxha.
  • Enjoy the sunset in Skanderberg Square, the place to hang out and attend a live concert.
  • Climb up the clock tower in Tirana to have the best view of the square and the city.
  • Find the colors and flavors of Tirana in the New Bazaar with fresh fruits, local wine, raki, and souvenirs. 
  • Escape the city fuss and watch the city from the top of Dajti Mountain.

Tirana fact

Tirana, the capital of Albania, is known for its colorful buildings. In the 1990s, the city’s mayor, Edi Rama, encouraged residents to paint their buildings bright colors as a way to liven up the city and boost morale after the communist era. As a result, many buildings in Tirana are now painted in a variety of bright colors, making it a unique and visually striking city.

Eat like a local in Tirana

  • Find the best view and exquisite cuisine on the 16th floor at Sky Tower Tirana restaurant.
  • Have a quick and tasty snack in Çoko Bistro & Bar, with a charming and welcoming atmosphere.
  • For dessert, visit D’Angelo Chocolate & Coffee which offers a variety of pastries and crêpes topped with chocolate.
  • Embrace laid-back city vibes in Nouvelle Vague, a hip cafe in Tirana.
  • Dine like a local in Oda and Sofa Berstase restaurants, the best places in the town to enjoy the local cuisine.

Where to stay in Tirana

  • Find luxury service and the best accommodation in the 5-star “mk hotel Tirana.”
  • Located in the heart of Tirana, the 4-star Sar’Otel Boutique Hotel is a wonderful place to enjoy Tirana.
  • Neat and cozy, 3-star Freddy’s Hotel is another option to make you feel at home in Tirana. 
  • “Trip n” hostel in the old Italian style with chimney rooms is a fantastic place to save money and have an unforgettable vacation.
  • Take a day trip to Kruje on the side of the Kruje mountain and stay at Hotel Panorama Kruje. 

Tirana hotels map

Flights to Tirana

Flying to Tirana, the capital city of Albania, can be a comfortable and convenient experience, depending on the airline and route you choose. Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza is well-connected to several major European cities, offering non-stop flights as well as connecting flights through major hubs. Passengers can expect standard amenities such as in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and food and beverage service. However, it is always recommended to check with your airline for specific information on the flight experience, amenities, and baggage policies.

The most active routes to Tirana are from Italy. Among popular flights are Rome-Tirana, Frankfurt-Tirana, Milan-Tirana, Bologna-Tirana, and others. If you want to find more information on flights to Tirana check out the directory and calendar of cheap flights to Tirana.

Tirana video guide

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