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SAS initiates air travel services from Sweden and Denmark to Newark

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SAS Launches Direct Flights to United States' Newark from Gothenburg, Sweden and Aalborg, Denmark

SAS Launches Direct Flights to Newark from Gothenburg and Aalborg

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced the commencement of direct flights from Newark (New York, EWR) to Gothenburg (Sweden, GOT) and Aalborg (Denmark, AAL). The new service will provide travelers with a convenient and hassle-free travel experience between the United States and Scandinavia.

Aalborg to Newark Inaugural Flight

The first westbound flight from Aalborg, Denmark to Newark, USA, was launched on April 27, 2023. The aircraft assigned to operate these flights is the A321LR, capable of accommodating up to 157 passengers. The flight pathed as SK921, took off on time at 18:35 and landed at 21:05 local time, with a total flight time of seven hours and 56 minutes. Remarkably, the flight landed 22 minutes ahead of schedule.

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Gothenburg’s First Transatlantic Flight

Gothenburg is a well-connected airport that serves several European airlines and destinations. However, the high operating costs of transatlantic flights have prevented it from venturing into this sector. The launch of SAS’s direct flights from Newark to Gothenburg marks the airport’s first transatlantic service, which is expected to provide travelers with more travel options and promote tourism in the region.

Narrow-body Operation

The flights to Gothenburg and Aalborg will be operated by SAS’s A321LR, a narrow-body aircraft that has a range of over 4,000 nautical miles. The aircraft’s long-range capabilities and fuel efficiency make it a suitable option for the airline’s transatlantic operations. With a total flight time of under eight hours, passengers can enjoy a comfortable flight experience without the need for a layover.

In conclusion, the launch of SAS’s direct flights from Newark to Gothenburg and Aalborg provides travelers with more travel options and promotes tourism in the region. With a suitable aircraft, travelers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey between the United States and Scandinavia.

SAS has introduced direct flights from Newark (New York, EWR) to Aalborg (Denmark, AAL) and Gothenburg (Sweden, GOT). These new routes will offer passengers a seamless and comfortable travel experience between the United States and Scandinavia.

Aalborg Flight Schedule

The direct flights from Newark to Aalborg operate three times a week, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, matching the frequency of SAS’s flights from London to Newark in mid-July. The flights are operated by the A321LR, with a departure time of 18:35 and an arrival time of 21:05 local time.

Connecting Flights Challenge

One potential downside of the Aalborg flight is the 21:05 arrival time, which limits passengers’ connecting options with other Star Alliance members. As a result, most passengers will have to spend the night in Newark before connecting to other destinations across the East and West of the United States.

Gothenburg’s JFK Presence

Gothenburg used to have a strong JFK presence before the pandemic, with direct flights to New York. However, due to low passenger numbers, the JFK service was suspended. Now, SAS has resumed its New York flights, albeit on a reduced basis, which will continue throughout the year.

40-Year Gap Filled

It’s been 40 years since Gothenburg was served by direct flights from New York City before SAS began its new service. The launch of direct flights from Newark to Gothenburg marks a significant milestone for the airport and the region, providing travelers with more travel options and promoting tourism in the area.

In conclusion, SAS’s new direct flights from Newark to Aalborg and Gothenburg offer passengers a comfortable and convenient way to travel between the United States and Scandinavia. With three flights per week to Aalborg and a resumed New York service to Gothenburg, SAS is helping to connect travelers from around the world to these vibrant and exciting destinations.

About SAS

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) is a major airline based in Scandinavia, serving more than 100 destinations worldwide. The airline is renowned for its excellent service, modern fleet, and on-time performance.

SAS offers a range of flight options, from economy to premium, providing travelers with flexibility and choice. The airline’s most famous flight destinations include major cities in Europe, Asia, and North America, such as London, Tokyo, and New York.

Pricing for SAS flights varies depending on the route, time of year, and class of service. However, the airline is known for offering competitive fares, with regular promotions and special offers to help travelers save money.

SAS operates a modern fleet of aircraft, including the Airbus A320neo, Airbus A350, and Airbus A330, all of which offer passengers a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. The airline is committed to sustainability and has been working to reduce its environmental impact through initiatives such as the use of biofuels and carbon offsetting.

Overall, SAS is a top choice for travelers seeking quality service, affordable pricing, and a wide range of destination options.

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