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SAS airline application and website are attacked by hackers

Customers were advised not to use the airline's mobile app as they may have been logged into the wrong accounts

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Yesterday, Scandinavian airline SAS experienced a cyber-attack which reportedly caused its website and app to go down temporarily and may have exposed customer information for a brief period.

Customers were advised not to use the airline’s mobile app as they may have been logged into the wrong accounts, potentially accessing the personal details of other customers. The airline’s website was also affected.

Despite reports, SAS has not provided any information about the attack on Twitter, and a link on its “newsroom” page was broken. Some customers expressed their frustration with the company’s technical issues while engaging with its Valentine’s Day marketing campaign on Twitter.

It remains unclear whether all of the issues have been resolved. In addition to SAS, a number of Scandinavian media companies were targeted by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

These attacks were claimed by a group called “Anonymous Sudan” who stated that they were retaliating against an incident of Quran burning near Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm.

Some experts are suggesting that the DDoS attacks may be a Russian false-flag campaign designed to generate hostility towards Sweden in Muslim countries like Turkey, and possibly imperil the country’s accession to NATO.

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