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Employees of 7 German airports strike on February 17, 2023

The employees working at these airports are seeking significant wage rises due to rampant information over the past year

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On Wednesday, the German trade union Verdi announced that it will be commencing a strike that will greatly impact air traffic and result in the grounding of flights at seven airports in Germany. The union provided a 48-hour notice before the strike.

Passengers should begin exploring alternative transportation options as flights scheduled to arrive or depart from Main, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dortmund, Hanover, and Bremen airports are likely to be canceled due to an upcoming strike.

It is advised that passengers do not attempt to travel to any of these seven airports on Friday. In January, a strike at Berlin and Dusseldorf airports caused the cancellation of 300 flights. However, the impact of this strike is expected to be much more substantial as Munich and Frankfurt airports will also be essentially closed.

Due to widespread information over the past year, employees at the affected airports are seeking significant wage increases. However, negotiations between the parties involved have been unsuccessful in reaching a satisfactory resolution.

As per EU law EC 261/2004, airlines are required to rebook passengers affected by the strike on flights that do not involve these seven airports and provide a duty of care, which includes accommodations and meals in case of lengthy delays.

Our team recommends that passengers contact their airline immediately to secure an alternate day or routing that avoids these airports on Friday.

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