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Ryanair opened a new hub in Tenerife, Spain

Ryanair's summer schedule will see an addition of over 285 flights per week, translating to a 5% surge from the previous year.

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On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Ryanair inaugurated its new hub in Tenerife and unveiled its lineup of 39 routes for the summer of 2023. The new routes to Bordeaux, Eindhoven, and Nuremberg have been added to the package. Ryanair has also augmented the frequency of flights to eight existing destinations, namely Bristol, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Agadir, Santiago, Seville, Vienna, and Warsaw.

More flights to Tenerife

During the summer season, Ryanair will station two additional aircraft in Tenerife, thus concluding an investment of 185 million euros, which has also led to the recruitment of 60 new employees.

Ryanair’s summer schedule will see an addition of over 285 flights per week, translating to a 5% surge from the previous year. The airline aims to transport around 2.8 million passengers to and from Tenerife annually.

Elena Cabrera, Ryanair’s Manager for Spain and Portugal, explained that the winter operations in Tenerife had an average occupancy of 95%, which was three points higher than the company average. This encouraged the airline to expand its route network during the summer season after establishing the new hub.

Cabrera stated that Ryanair’s target is to transport 1.4 million passengers to and from Tenerife South airport for the duration of the upcoming period, with a further aim to serve 2.8 million passengers from April 2023 to April 2024.

An important hub for Ryanair

Reopening the bases is a crucial achievement for Ryanair and will result in improved services for passengers.

According to Elena Cabrera, the base is where the aircraft is stationed and where it receives better connections and increased route security. Given the geographical location of the Canary Islands, having bases there is more practical.

Previously, in the event of a problem with a connection, the closest base in Malaga would have to send another plane. With the establishment of bases in the Canary Islands, a dedicated team is available to maintain all the aircraft.

The Canary Islands hold significant significance for Ryanair’s operations in Spain. The airline aims to transport 52 million passengers across the country this year and is continuously seeking out new flight slot opportunities, as per Cabrera.

The acquisition of Air Europa by Iberia may present a favorable opportunity for Ryanair to secure additional flight slots in the near future, as the streamlined operations of the merged entity could create openings.

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