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Qatar Airways and Google Cloud Collaborate to Explore Data Analytics and AI

Qatar Airways and Google Cloud Collaborate to Explore Data Analytics and AI Solutions

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Qatar Airways and Google Cloud have formed a partnership to jointly explore the potential of utilizing Google Cloud’s advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Their goal is to enhance customer experiences for Qatar Airways passengers.

By collaborating with Google Cloud, Qatar Airways aims to unlock valuable insights from its customer data using Google’s powerful data analytics, AI, and machine learning (ML) tools such as BigQuery and Vertex AI. This strategic alliance will enable the airline to improve the overall travel experience for its passengers by offering personalized services tailored to their specific preferences, travel patterns, and previous travel experiences.

During the year 2022, Qatar Airways facilitated the transportation of approximately 18.5 million passengers to 150 different destinations worldwide. This substantial number of passengers generates a significant amount of structured and unstructured data that is handled by the airline’s digital transformation unit.

Qatar Airways Chief Information Officer A.T. Srinivasan said:

“Qatar Airways is a highly respected aviation leader which has always set benchmarks with its globally recognised and award-winning customer service. Google Cloud brings us the opportunity to build elasticity and scalability on demand, as we increasingly look to leverage both structured and unstructured data to personalise customer and employee experience. We will also leverage Google’s highly secure and diverse set of Cloud service offerings for optimising our airline and airport operations particularly in the areas of aircraft inventory, flight operations both on ground and in the air, as well as airport operations.”


Qatar Country Manager, Google Cloud, Ghassan Kosta added:

“Businesses today can make smart decisions in real-time and provide personalized experiences to their customers through AI and machine learning tools. Through use of Google Cloud, Qatar Airways can enable passengers to enjoy elevated travel experiences, including personalized travel recommendations and suggestions as if they have a dedicated travel agent who understands their specific needs and requirements.”

Moreover, Qatar Airways and Google Cloud plan to delve into additional collaborative opportunities, which involve utilizing cloud tools to enhance cost efficiency, streamline operations, and more.

Sustainability stands as a paramount focus in Qatar Airways’ digital transformation strategy, and the airline will investigate the utilization of Google Cloud, known as the most environmentally friendly cloud service provider in the industry. Through this exploration, Qatar Airways aims to implement novel initiatives and programs supported by Google Cloud, with the ultimate objective of achieving its sustainability targets by 2030.

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