Madrid-Tenerife flights schedule [Iberia Express]

Iberia Express flights schedule for Madrid-Tenerife flight route

Tenerife is connected to Madrid by leading European airlines, offering daily direct flights that cater to thousands of travelers, operating smooth transfers from Europe to the amazing Canary Islands. One of the popular airlines operating flights between Madrid and Tenerife is Iberia Express, a member of OneWorld.

Madrid-Tenerife Iberia Express daily flights schedule

Airlines operating direct flights between Madrid and Tenerife

  • Iberia Express (Oneworld): Low-cost airline with frequent daily flights (7-10),
  • Air Europa (SkyTeam): Offers business class and 3-4 daily flights,
  • Binter Canarias (New airline!): Provides 4 daily flights,
  • Ryanair (Low-cost airline): 1-2 daily flights,
  • Iberia (Oneworld): Starts offering direct flights on October 27th, 2024.

Iberia Express is set to significantly enhance connectivity between Madrid and the Tenerife airports during the summer period. With up to ten daily flights planned to Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur, travelers can enjoy increased flexibility and convenience when visiting these popular Canary Islands destinations.

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