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Iberia Express unveils major expansion plans for summer 2024

From Reykjavík to Edinburgh: Iberia Express' diverse summer 2024 routes revealed

Iberia Express has unveiled its schedule for the upcoming summer season of 2024, which is set to commence on March 30th and includes an 8% increase in its offerings compared to 2023. The budget airline, part of the IAG group, places considerable emphasis on the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands while also expanding its capacity on several international routes.

During the summer season extending until October 26th, 2024, Iberia Express will be running a total of 28 routes.

Europe – Popular Seasonal Destinations

Iberia Express, a prominent budget airline, is set to reintroduce popular seasonal destinations from its previous campaigns in an ambitious move to increase its capacity by a staggering 56% in this segment.

The airline’s summer operations will kick off with the much-anticipated commencement of flights to Reykjavík, Iceland, starting from March 20th. This strategic move aims to cater to customer demand during the Easter holidays, with three weekly flights scheduled for June, July, and August, providing travelers with ample opportunities to explore this captivating destination.

Another exciting addition to Iberia Express’ summer lineup is the launch of operations to Edinburgh at the end of March, with plans for three weekly flights throughout the summer. This expansion will triple the airline’s capacity compared to the previous year, offering passengers enhanced flexibility and convenience.

In June, Iberia Express will further expand its network by adding Bari and Heraklion, Crete, with two weekly flights available during the peak months of July and August.

European Capitals – Significant Growth

Additionally, Iberia Express is set to witness significant growth in its services to several European capitals, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, and Naples. Notably, the Amsterdam route will see a substantial capacity increase, with seven weekly flights scheduled, transitioning from two to three daily flights starting in April.

Berlin will experience a 20% growth in operations, offering between three and four daily flights throughout the summer season. Dublin, on the other hand, will see a capacity increase of up to 24%, with up to two daily flights operated using A321neo aircraft. Naples will witness a boost with up to 12 weekly flights, while Manchester will see an increase from four to five weekly flights during the summer period.

Canary Islands – Enhanced Connectivity

In a bid to enhance connectivity to the Canary Islands, Iberia Express is ramping up its services, offering more than 2 million seats, which represents a significant 15% capacity increase compared to 2023 and nearly 40% compared to pre-pandemic figures in 2019.

The airline’s expanded services across the archipelago will include a notable 21% increase in seats on the Gran Canaria route, along with 18% and 14% growth, respectively, at Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur airports. La Palma will also experience a 13% increase in capacity. See Madrid-Tenerife flights schedule here.

Passengers can expect up to nine daily flights to Gran Canaria, ten to Tenerife, three to Lanzarote, two to Fuerteventura, and up to two daily flights to La Palma, providing them with enhanced options and flexibility in their travel plans.

New routes from Oviedo-Tenerife and Vigo-Tenerife will be introduced during the peak months of June, July, August, and September, offering passengers additional choices and convenience.

Balearic Islands – Expanded Connectivity

Furthermore, Iberia Express will significantly expand its connectivity to the Balearic Islands, offering more than 1.1 million seats, marking a remarkable 22% increase compared to 2023 and nearly 90% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Travelers can look forward to enhanced connectivity between Madrid and Mallorca with up to eight daily flights, up to four daily flights to Ibiza, and the commencement of operations to Menorca in April, initially with two daily flights and increasing to four daily flights in July and August, catering to the growing demand for travel to these popular holiday destinations.

Africa and the Middle East – Strengthening Presence

Iberia Express is also strengthening its presence in key destinations in Africa and the Middle East, with plans to double its capacity to Cairo, increasing from three to six weekly flights, reinforcing its commitment to this route launched on October 30th.

Moreover, Marrakech will continue to offer up to two daily flights, with the noteworthy addition being the resumption of its route to Tel Aviv starting from April 1st, offering passengers four weekly frequencies to this vibrant city.

These strategic expansions and additions to Iberia Express’ summer 2024 schedule underscore the airline’s commitment to providing passengers with a diverse range of travel options, enhanced connectivity, and exceptional service across its extensive network. Travelers can look forward to an exciting and convenient travel experience with Iberia Express this summer.

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