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IndiGo Expands its global network buying 500 new aircrafts

The biggest airline in India intends to purchase 500 additional aircrafts in order to increase its global presence.

IndiGo Airline's aircraft landed in the airportIndiGo, Photo by Madvortex

IndiGo, which is currently the top airline in India in terms of market share, has recently disclosed its intention to purchase a massive fleet of 500 new aircraft. This move is part of the airline’s plan to expand its services in Europe and eventually become a major player in the global aviation industry.

500 new aircraft for IndiGo

Over the course of the next few years, IndiGo plans to place an order for the 500 new planes, with the first deliveries expected to start as early as 2023. While the airline has not yet announced which manufacturers it will be partnering with, it is likely that a combination of Boeing and Airbus planes will be selected.

By investing in such a large fleet, IndiGo is making a bold move to further establish itself as a major contender in the international aviation market. This strategic expansion plan is expected to generate numerous benefits for the airline, such as an increased global reach, improved passenger experience, and enhanced revenue potential. If successful, this move will likely solidify IndiGo’s position as a leader in the aviation industry both in India and around the world.

Expanding the global network

IndiGo’s CEO has stated that the decision to order 500 new aircraft is a strategic step in realizing the company’s vision of creating a world-class airline that connects India with the rest of the world. With a current fleet of approximately 280 aircraft and a market share of around 55% in India, the airline is now setting its sights on expanding its global presence, starting with Europe.

Having already established a strong presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, IndiGo aims to penetrate the European market and other regions as part of its long-term vision. This will position the airline as a major global player and enhance its competitiveness in the aviation industry.

IndiGo’s expansion into European destinations is expected to increase competition in the low-cost carrier market, which is currently dominated by airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet. By offering affordable air travel options to consumers, IndiGo is poised to make a significant impact on the European aviation industry. This move will not only provide more affordable options for consumers but will also create job opportunities and support economic growth in the region.

In summary, IndiGo’s decision to order 500 new aircraft is a significant move that aligns with the company’s vision of establishing a world-class airline that connects India with the rest of the world. With this expansion, IndiGo will create more competition in the aviation industry, provide more affordable air travel options, and support economic growth in Europe and other regions.


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