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Iberia Air Shuttle has increased the frequency of its Madrid-Barcelona route

Iberia has increased the frequency of its Air Shuttle service, offering as many as 30 flights per day between Madrid and Barcelona, while maintaining a punctuality rate of over 90%.

Madrid AirportMadrid Airport. Photo by Christelle Hayek

Between March and October, Iberia matched the 86 weekly frequencies it operated between Madrid and Barcelona during the summer prior to the pandemic, resulting in a 5% increase in its market share in the air segment.

Customers now have the option to select from up to 15 daily flights, with take-offs occurring every 30 minutes during peak times. The schedules allow travelers to maximize their time in either city. Additionally, Iberia’s Air Shuttle service benefits from a dedicated fleet, equipment, and airport space in Madrid and Barcelona, all of which contribute to the service’s outstanding punctuality rate.

Starting on March 25th and running until the end of October, Iberia is reaffirming its dedication to the Madrid-Barcelona Air Shuttle service by offering the same 86 weekly frequencies as before the pandemic.

15 daily flights in summer season

During the summer season, customers can choose from up to 15 daily flights in both directions, with Wednesday being the busiest day. The Air Shuttle service’s schedules cover all time slots, with take-offs every 30 minutes during peak times, starting from 7:00 am in both Madrid and Barcelona, and the last flights departing between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm. This allows travelers to easily make a round trip in one day, making business trips more feasible. | See the timetable for Madrid-Barcelona flights

Overall, Iberia expects to increase its market share in the air segment between Madrid and Barcelona by 5 percentage points, reaching 65%, compared to the 2019 level. The airline has achieved a healthy balance of corporate and connecting traffic on its Madrid-Barcelona route, allowing it to increase frequencies and recover its pre-pandemic level. In recent months, the load factor on these flights has been above 80%, a figure close to those recorded before the pandemic.

Iberia’s Air Shuttle service, which connects Madrid and Barcelona, operates using a combination of the airline’s new Airbus A320neo and other aircraft. It is Iberia’s primary domestic route, and dedicated teams are present in both Madrid and Barcelona to manage it. All of these factors contribute to the service’s exceptional punctuality rate, which was 90.5% in 2022 and currently stands at 91.3% in 2023.

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Arrive and fly by Iberia Air Shuttle

In addition to its punctuality, the Iberia Air Shuttle service offers other benefits that align with its “Arrive and Fly” philosophy. The Iberia App allows for unlimited flight changes at no cost, and customers may also reserve seats and fly using open tickets.

Furthermore, Iberia’s Air Shuttle customers enjoy access to exclusive facilities dedicated to the service at both Madrid and Barcelona airports, including special counters, security checkpoints, and VIP lounges. These amenities are situated close to the shuttle’s boarding gates, enabling customers to check-in up to 20 minutes before their flight departs, further enhancing the “Arrive and Fly” experience.

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