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Free entrance to Expo 2023 Doha for Qatar Airways passengers

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People flying with Qatar Airways will be able to enter Expo 2023 Doha without having to pay

Qatar Airways has revealed their intention to provide free entry tickets to everyone from around the world who’s attending the highly awaited Expo 2023 Doha. This event is anticipated to have around three million visitors.

The event will last for six months and is Qatar’s first A1 International Horticultural Exhibition. It’s planned to take place from October 2023 to March 2024.

The upcoming six-month event is Qatar’s very first A1 International Horticultural Exhibition, set to take place from October 2023 to March 2024 at Doha’s Al Bidda Park. Qatar Airways has revealed its plan to give free entry tickets to all global visitors attending the highly anticipated Expo 2023 Doha. It’s expected that around three million visits will happen during the event.

The event’s official airline announced this step to create worldwide interest and showcase Qatar as an appealing travel destination. The theme of the Expo is ‘Green Desert, Better Environment,’ aiming to attract people from around the world. This event will involve 80 countries in total.

Expo 2023 Doha: Anticipating the Middle East’s largest horticultural event

Qatar Airways’ Destination Management Company, Discover Qatar, is providing free entry passes to all global travelers throughout the entire Expo 2023 Doha.

“This involves stopover packages with choices ranging from the Standard Stopover, featuring 4-star hotel stays beginning at USD 14 per night, to the Premium Stopover, highlighting 5-star hotel choices from USD 23. For those seeking the highest level of luxury, the Luxury Stopover provides deluxe 5-star hotel accommodations, including breakfast, starting at USD 81,” stated Qatar Airways in an official press release.

The occasion is poised to represent Doha’s dedication to the two core principles of sustainability and innovation. Expected to take the spotlight at the event, the Environment Centre & Biodiversity Museum, Family Amphitheatre, Indoor Domes, Cultural Bazaar, Farmers Market, Sponsors Area, and Grandstand Arena collectively shape the foundation of this worldwide gathering.

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