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Emirates airline provides connectivity to more than 800 cities

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Emirates provides connectivity to more than 800 cities, ensuring that 50,000 travelers reach their desired destinations every week.

Emirates has formed numerous partnerships with airlines worldwide, allowing over 50,000 travelers to connect to their desired destinations each week through codeshare and interline flights. These partnerships have been instrumental in the airline’s growth, providing seamless connectivity, expanding its global reach, and tapping into unique markets to generate new travel opportunities.

While Emirates primarily focuses on organic growth, its strategic alliances, such as interline agreements and codeshares, play a vital role in extending its network beyond its own routes. To further strengthen its position in the industry, Emirates plans to develop existing interline partnerships into comprehensive codeshare agreements and enhance its current codeshares.

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Since the establishment of its initial interline agreement, Emirates has experienced exponential growth in its global partner network, spanning Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Presently, the airline has 29 codeshare partners, 117 interline partners, and 11 intermodal rail partners across over 100 countries, offering travelers a wide range of travel options with flexible schedules. This extensive network covers more than 5,250 additional routes, serving over 800 cities worldwide. For example, passengers traveling to the Americas can reach destinations beyond major airports, such as Corpus Christi through United Airlines or Halifax via Air Canada. In Asia, travelers have convenient connections to leisure destinations like Koh Samui in Thailand and Luang Prabang in Laos through partner Bangkok Airways. In Africa, South African Airways and Kenya Airways provide access to underserved destinations like Vilanculos, Kilimanjaro, Juba, and Maputo. Customers of these airlines can seamlessly connect to Emirates’ network of over 140 destinations through Dubai.

Through these partnerships, customers can book connecting flights with Emirates’ partners and enjoy the benefits of a seamless travel experience, including single-ticket itineraries, baggage transfers, frequent flyer rewards, and access to lounges.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the airline’s commitment to providing customers with greater flexibility and confidence in their travel plans by leveraging the strengths of its partners’ route networks. These partnerships also contribute to Dubai’s connectivity, attracting more tourism to the city and enhancing business and trade opportunities.

In the past year, Emirates has signed codeshare and interline agreements with 11 airlines, expanding its connectivity options. Notable partnerships include United Airlines and Air Canada, which have significantly increased Emirates’ reach to over 570 destinations in the Americas. Additionally, agreements were made with Airlink, Aegean Airlines, Air Tanzania, ITA Airways, Bamboo Airways, Batik Air, Philippine Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, SKY Express, and Kenya Airways.

Emirates plans to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with airlines across East, South, and Central Asia, Africa, and Europe this year. Its loyalty program, Emirates Skywards, and freight division, Emirates SkyCargo, also collaborate closely with codeshare and interline partners, providing coordinated benefits for customers and facilitating entry into new markets more efficiently. Emirates Airport Services play a vital role in ensuring seamless connectivity and reciprocal lounge access for customers.

Strategic partnerships with over 140 airlines across the Emirates network have significantly expanded connectivity options for customers, enabling travel on a single ticket to various city pairs. These partnerships have also integrated benefits within loyalty programs, enhancing the overall travel experience.

In the Americas, Emirates customers can access over 200 U.S. cities through United Airlines, as well as destinations across Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The partnership with Air Canada allows seamless connectivity to 232 destinations across three continents.

In Europe, customers can connect to over 313 cities through Emirates’ five codeshare partners and 35 interline partners. Rail partners in Germany, Spain, and France provide additional connectivity for travelers exploring Europe.

Emirates’ Asian network is bolstered by nine codeshare partners, reaching over 150 cities in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, among other popular destinations.

The partnership between Emirates and Qantas provides access to over 60 Australian destinations, while Qantas customers can fly on Emirates to Dubai and access over 65 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Both airlines’ frequent flyer programs offer mutual benefits, including lounge access.

Emirates’ footprint in Africa has expanded through codeshare and interline agreements, reaching nearly 130 regional points across the continent through partnerships with South African Airways, Airlink, Royal Air Maroc, Tunis Air, and other regional carriers.

The partnership with flydubai has enhanced connectivity to more than 215 destinations across 98 countries, with over 250 codeshare flights available daily. Emirates and flydubai passengers can access each other’s destinations, and the partnership facilitates seamless connectivity at Dubai International Airport.

Overall, these strategic partnerships have revolutionized travel, offering customers a vast range of destinations and enhancing Dubai’s connectivity as a global hub. Emirates continues to prioritize codeshare and interline partnerships as a crucial component of its future success and commercial strategy, striving to provide customers with an extensive choice of onward destinations.

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