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Timișoara is the third-largest city in Romania, it has the charm of a small town and the opportunities of a big city. Timisoara has today become the largest city in western Romania with almost 400,000 inhabitants.

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Check the list of origins where you can find cheap flight tickets to Timisoara, Romania. The list is regularly updated.

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OriginDeparture atFind tickets
Bucharest28 August 2022Tickets from 26
Katowice13 October 2022Tickets from 33
Prague27 September 2022Tickets from 38
Budapest26 September 2022Tickets from 39
Tallinn9 November 2022Tickets from 45
Paris7 September 2022Tickets from 53
Chisinau17 September 2022Tickets from 76
Istanbul21 November 2022Tickets from 97
Venice14 August 2022Tickets from 109
Milan11 August 2022Tickets from 119
Bologna11 August 2022Tickets from 125
Rome11 August 2022Tickets from 128
Vienna11 August 2022Tickets from 131
Alghero10 August 2022Tickets from 139
Krakow11 August 2022Tickets from 141

Timișoara boasts outstanding architecture, dominated by Baroque and Secessions styles. Mixing modern buildings with medieval architecture, Timișoara is a city of culture, youth and some firsts in Romanian history.

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