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Bucket list of Thessaloniki, Greece

With a cosmopolitan culture and the ambiance of ancient civilizations, Thessaloniki is a great choice to enjoy your Greek holidays. Over 2 million guests visit Thessaloniki every year to embrace the multiethnic heritage and culture of the town and witness the ruins of thousands of years of architecture. 

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Things not to miss in Thessaloniki

  • Visit the White Tower on the seafront of Thessaloniki, the major landmark with a fascinating view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Take a walkabout the Aristotelous Square, the biggest in the city with some of the popular attractions and restaurants.
  • Explore the excavations of the Roman Agora of Thessaloniki with ancient Roman markets and baths underneath the city.
  • Discover the Ano Poli district, Thessaloniki Old Town with cobblestone alleys, traditional Balkan houses, old churches, and towers. 
  • Check out the Rotunda, an ancient Roman temple and the oldest building in Thessaloniki.
  • Spend your evening in Ladadika, the neighborhood of restaurants and bars. 

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Eat like a local in Thessaloniki

  • Head to Faidimos restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere for traditional Greek dishes.
  • Explore the nightlife area of Thessaloniki in the Student area around Kamara to have a drink or two.
  • Visit the most popular Full Tou Meze to taste the best meze spots and ouzerias in town.
  • Don’t miss out on Ergon Agora, a unique place in Thessaloniki, designed as a closed food market.
  • For more traditional Greek food, go to Toxio Toxio in the historic part of the town with spanakopita pies and wine from Macedonian wineries.
  • Make a stop in Valenio for a special Greek coffee, grounded in a stone mill and prepared in a briki.

Where to stay in Thessaloniki

  • Choose to stay in The Excelsior Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki, to embrace all the luxury and comfort of your stay.
  • A 4-star Modernist Thessaloniki can be a great choice to enjoy a luxury stay at a great price.
  • Book a room in Plaza Hotel, Philian Hotels and Resorts in Ladadika Area to make the most of your stay at an affordable price.
  • Zeus Is Loose Hostel is the coolest place to stay and get all the comfort and hospitality of Thessaloniki.
  • Spend a day or two in Halkidiki resort’s Ormos Luxury Suites Ammos with sea views.

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