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Ryanair integrates its services with Amadeus Travel Platform

Amadeus Travel Platform now offers Ryanair flight bookings as Ryanair integrates its services.

Wings of Ryanair aircraftPhoto by Tomáš Nožina

On May 18th, Ryanair made an announcement stating that it has broadened its affordable corporate travel services on the Amadeus Travel Platform. This platform now provides Amadeus’ wide range of B2B customers with the opportunity to book from Ryanair’s unparalleled network of over 3,000 daily flights to more than 235 destinations in 36 countries.

In addition to providing exceptional punctuality and significant cost savings for corporate customers, Ryanair is committed to assisting them in reducing their carbon footprint. As the European airline with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger/km among major carriers, Ryanair’s achievement is supported by its decarbonization strategy, known as the Pathway to Net Zero by 2050.

In light of soaring inflation and the prevailing cost-of-living crisis, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize their financial stability. As companies and clients increasingly resume face-to-face meetings, managing travel expenses becomes a vital aspect. Fortunately, Ryanair offers business travelers peace of mind, as their industry-leading low fares connect major corporate hub cities throughout Europe.

With regular morning and evening flights, Ryanair ensures convenient travel options for corporate needs, alongside the best on-time performance among major European airlines. This guarantees that businesses can effectively control their travel costs without straining their budgets.

Dara Brady of Ryanair expressed satisfaction with the integration of Ryanair’s extensive network of over 3,000 flights to more than 235 destinations into the Amadeus Travel platform. This integration expands Ryanair’s corporate travel services, granting corporate customers enhanced access to their exceptional network of routes, frequent flight options, excellent punctuality, and unbeatable low-cost fares.

As Ryanair continues to expand, with the goal of carrying 225 million passengers annually by FY26, they anticipate a fruitful collaboration with Amadeus in the upcoming years.

Jose-Luis Aragon, Regional VP Air Distribution Europe at Amadeus, expressed his satisfaction with Ryanair’s decision to leverage Amadeus’ technology for their distribution strategy. The integration of Ryanair’s content into the Amadeus Travel Platform will provide travel sellers and corporations with a wider range of travel options. Additionally, they will benefit from a seamless integration into their existing tools and processes, ensuring a smooth experience.

As the sole major airline experiencing growth in Europe, Ryanair is projected to transport over 185 million passengers this year. This figure represents a remarkable increase of 30% compared to the pre-Covid levels. Ryanair’s exceptional performance stems from its commitment to providing market-leading services, including top-notch connections, frequencies, punctuality, and fares throughout Europe.

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