Cheap and popular hotels in Kavala

Discover popular and cheap hotels in Kavala, Greece.

Selection of cheap and popular hotels in Kavala, Greece

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Kavala is the main port and the capital of Kavala prefecture, Macedonia, spread on the slopes of Mount Symvolo. The city of Kavala is built on a hillside along the shores of the Aegean Sea, a cultural crossroad between the East and West with its historical sights and amazing attractions.

Kavala is known as an important economic center of Northern Greece, a hub of commerce, tourism, fishing and oil production.

It is one of the most charming and attractive cities in Greece, with architecture perfectly blended into the modern rhythm of life. Let’s explore Kavala and its beautiful tourist attractions – one of the best in European destinations.

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  • Spend a day in the fabulous Palio Tsifliki Beach with beach bars and cafes to chill.
  • Check out Kavala Aqueduct, the most famous structure crossing the old historical town.
  • Take a walk to the Kavala Castle on the top of a high hill and continue your tour to the lighthouse on the rocky shore.
  • Hike through the Waterway Trail with amazing landscapes off the city center.
  • Drive to the outskirts of Kavala to embrace the beauty of Bomo Tosca Beach.

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