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Fly to Berlin, Germany

Fly to Berlin, Germany. Photo by Gilly

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Cheap flights to Berlin

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Germany, and looking for cheap flights? Euro Directions provides a list of flights to Berlin (BER Airport) at affordable prices. Whether you’re traveling for business or vacation, our flight search engine. Using a cheap air ticket calendar can assist you in identifying cost-effective options for your trip to Berlin, allowing you to save both time and money.

Berlin flights calendar

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  • Click on the window of the month
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  • Or select another date
  • Change the origin of the flight from Settings (top-left corner of the calendar)
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10 tips for a trip to Berlin

Suggested activities in Berlin for travelers

  1. Visit the iconic Brandenburg Gate, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Germany.
  2. Take a tour of the Reichstag building, which houses the German parliament.
  3. See the artwork at the Berlin Museum Island, a group of five museums on the Spree river.
  4. Take a stroll through Tiergarten park, a large urban park in the heart of the city.
  5. Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie Museum to learn about the city’s history during the Cold War.
  6. Explore the historic city center, including the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Berlin Cathedral.
  7. Visit the Jewish Museum Berlin to learn about the history of Jewish life in Berlin.
  8. Try the local Berliner cuisine, including dishes such as Currywurst and Buletten.
  9. Take a bike tour through the city to see the sights and experience the local culture.
  10. Visit the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood for an alternative and trendy scene in Berlin.

20 popular flights operated to Berlin

  • Stuttgart-Berlin ‣ Eurowings
  • New York-Berlin ‣ United Airlines
  • Riga-Berlin ‣ Air Baltic
  • Frankfurt-Berlin ‣ Lufthansa
  • Munich-Berlin ‣ Lufthansa
  • Helsinki-Berlin ‣ Finnair
  • Vienna-Berlin ‣ Austrian Airlines
  • Zurich-Berlin ‣ Swiss Airways
  • Amsterdam-Berlin ‣ KLM
  • Milan-Berlin ‣ Easyjet
  • Barcelona-Berlin ‣ Vueling
  • Athens-Berlin ‣ Aegean Airlines
  • Madrid-Berlin ‣ Iberia
  • Dublin-Berlin ‣ Aer Lingus
  • Brussels-Berlin ‣ Brussels Airlines
  • Paris-Berlin ‣ Air France
  • Glasgow-Berlin ‣ Easyjet
  • Thessaloniki-Berlin ‣ Ryanair
  • Oslo-Berlin ‣ Norwegian Air
  • Budapest-Berlin ‣ Wizz Air
  • Cluj-Napoca-Berlin ‣ Wizz Air
  • Dusseldorf-Berlin ‣ Eurowings
  • Lisbon-Berlin ‣ TAP Portugal
  • Hurghada-Berlin ‣ SmartLynx
  • Warsaw-Berlin ‣ LOT
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