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Emirates Sealine: When the luxury and sustainability meet

Emirates Sealine

Starting on June 31st, it will be possible to plan and make reservations for trips with Emirates Sealine.

Emirates, which is often referred to as the QE2 of airlines and is adored by millions globally for its luxurious in-flight and on-land services, has launched Emirates Sealine, its maritime division, and will now be voyaging across the world’s oceans.

Starting on June 31st, it will be possible to plan and make reservations for trips with Emirates Sealine. Their cruise ships will visit important ports along their route from the US to New Zealand, with the backing of the airline’s vast network.

Emirates Sealine has pledged to provide cruisers with unprecedented and unparalleled experiences as they journey to seldom-visited ports of call. The company has placed a colossal multi-billion dollar order for ten cruise ships, which are presently being outfitted with state-of-the-art amenities.

Identifying noteworthy deficiencies in the industry’s existing offerings, Emirates Sealine intends to steer clear of convention by providing a cruise schedule that falls outside of the typical season. The first voyage is set to depart from Dubai Harbour on April 1st, 2024, with Karachi serving as the inaugural port of call – a nod to the airline’s first-ever flight in October of 1985.

Captain Jack Shallow, who was recently appointed as the Chief Maritime Officer of Emirates Sealine, stated, “Emirates has a long history of association with the seas, from powerboat racing in Dubai to Emirates Team New Zealand and, more recently, the Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team. While many cities around the world are struggling with challenges, Dubai is moving forward at an impressive speed and has exceptional cruise and other multi-modal transportation infrastructure.

By utilizing technology, AI, and innovation, we are developing cruise ships of the future generation that can match the pace of the city and sail at over 50 knots per hour, which is almost twice the speed of the fastest ships currently available. Our team is dedicated to providing unprecedented luxury on board, unexplored itineraries, and unforgettable experiences. We will ensure that we fulfill our promises to our customers by running a well-organized ship. At present, the entire team is preparing for the launch, and it’s all hands on deck.”

Emirates Sealine is committed to leading the industry in terms of maritime sustainability by collaborating with suppliers to develop sustainable maritime fuel (SMF), implementing solar panels, and improving recycling and waste management practices.

Emirates passengers from around the world will arrive in Dubai in style and be transported via custom-built electric chauffeur-driven cars from DXB to Dubai Harbour, where they will embark on their luxurious cabins for a seamless air-land-sea journey.

The cruise fleet will offer four types of cabins, each with varying levels of space, amenities, and luxury. Additional details about the products and services may be announced in the future.

In the coming months, Emirates Sealine will recruit a diverse range of mariners and specialists with various skills and expertise to manage operations and provide guests with the airline’s signature hospitality, supporting economies across its network. Recruitment information will soon be available on the Sealine’s website.

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