Constanța bucket list

Constanța Bucket List, RomaniaConstanța Bucket List, Romania. Photo by Traian Titilincu on Unsplash

Explore Constanța, Romania ∙ bucket list for traveler

If you think you have traveled to all the Black Sea spots, we bet you have missed Constanța, a seaside resort in Romania with amazing sand beaches, beautiful nature, and active city life. Actually, Constanța is the largest port on the Black Sea that pleases guests with mild temperatures all year long. Get your bags ready, because now we are traveling around the most popular places in Constanța. 

Things not to miss in Constanța

  • Check out the most impressive building, the Constanta Casino on the seafront, a true architectural masterpiece that has been abandoned.
  • Climb to the top of the Grand Mosque of Constanta tower to enjoy the views of Constanța.
  • Discover the treasures and the rich interior of the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul with beautiful gardens.
  • Stroll around the Old Town with its churches, historic buildings, and cozy restaurants. 
  • Visit the Romanian Navi Museum, showcasing the history of the Romanian military and civil navy life. 

Eat like a local in Constanța

  • Seaside resorts mean lots of seafood, and the best place to taste seafood in Constanța is Bacaro Port restaurant, with sea fruits, mussels, and Romanian wines.
  • For a romantic dinner, choose Chevalet restaurant, with mixed European dishes, amazing desserts, and wine. 
  • For traditional Romanian cuisine, you will find Pizzico restaurant a wonderful place with a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Have a quick snack, beer, and craft cocktails in Tara’s GastroPub with signature burgers you will definitely love.
  • Cool down with a refreshing cocktail in IpaNera Restaurant, Cocktail Bar & Beach, with a breathtaking view of the sea. 

Where to stay in Constanța

  • Let yourself be treated as a royal in the 5-star Belle Epoque Boutique (Adult Only) hotel in the Baroque style, occupying a historic building in the Old Town.
  • Feel comfortable and enjoy privacy in a historic building hosting the 4-star Hotel Cherica in the heart of the city center.
  • Discover an absolutely stunning interior and design elements in a modern 3-star CoolKush Boutique. 
  • A 10-minute walk from 3 Papuci Beach, Pensiunea Pont-Euxin hostel is an excellent choice at a reasonable price. 
  • Travel to the resort town of Mamaia to enjoy the Black Sea beaches and stay in Hotel Ges.


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