Explore Luxembourg ∙ visitor guide

Explore Luxembourg: shortlist for travelerExplore Luxembourg: shortlist for traveler. Image credit: Shutterstock

Bucket list for Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg, covering 1,650 square kilometers, still offers spectacular attractions, rich history, and culture. Luxembourg city and the small towns deserve equal attention. Explore the country of contrasts with luxury accommodations, great food, and active life that offers unforgettable moments all year round. 

Things not to miss in Luxembourg 

  • Get lost in the Old Quarter of Luxembourg to admire UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites.
  • Explore Casemates du Bock with a myriad of underground passages and caves where soldiers used to hide.
  • Visit the 7th century Echternach Benedictine Abbey, its courtyards, and adjoining museum.
  • Take a tour to the most popular Luxembourg attraction, Berdorf, to feel the majesty and mystery of the place.
  • Stroll about the hallways of the Pais Grand-Ducal, the official residence of the Grand Duke and royal family of Luxembourg.

Eat like a local in Luxembourg 

  • Don’t miss out on Chocolate House with an enormous selection of chocolates and cakes if you are a sweet tooth.
  • Enjoy good food, craft beer, and sports events in Brasserie Siegfried, a great place with affordable prices and friendly staff.
  • Ca(fe)sino, located in the former Casino Bourgeois, is a fantastic place to feel yourself in a movie and enjoy good food.
  • Visit Brasserie Mansfield in dark interior colors to deep dive into the vibe for a fancy dinner.
  • Namur is another location to try chocolate and tea in a tea room.
  • Find the widest selection of cheeses, macarons, and pastries in Kaempf Kohler.

Where to stay in Luxembourg 

  • Explore the unique interior and European design while staying in 5-star Sofitel Luxembourg Europe.
  • INNSiDE by Meliá Luxembourg 4-star hotel is an excellent option for embracing style and privacy.
  • Hotel Perin is an excellent choice for affordable accommodation to plan your trip to Luxembourg.
  • Save on accommodation by booking a room in Luxembourg City Hostel in the historic old town.
  • Visit the Vianden Castle in Vianden town and stay in Hotel Heintz, a palace overlooking a beautiful garden. 


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