Compare flights to Dubai from London, Dublin and Manchester

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Compare all airlines and booking systems for flights to Dubai

Browse and compare all flight options to Dubai. Organize your trip and fly from London, Manchester, and Dublin to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our smart flight search service compares all airlines, travel agencies, and booking systems and finds the best dates and offers on air tickets to Dubai.

  • Compare all airlines, booking systems, and travel agencies
  • Find the best deals for your trip destination
  • No need to search on several air ticket booking services
  • We compare all flight tickets in one place
  • We show the best dates for your flight destination

Flights to Dubai

Dubai flights calendar

Use the cheap flight calendar to find the best dates of flights to Dubai, UAE. You can easily compare all flights and airlines to fly to Dubai. Select your location (e.g. London, Manchester, or Dublin), and month, then use the flight calendar filters below to see the booking systems and travel agencies that offer air tickets for flights to Dubai.

How to use cheap flights calendar

  1. Select your location from the top left side of the calendar
  2. See the cheapest price for each month for the flight from your location
  3. Click on the month window to see the exact date of the cheapest flight
  4. You can click on the date window to see the flight details
  5. Click on the flight details button to see full terms of the flight or book the air ticket
  6. You can use the setting on the top left side of the calendar to change the type of flight (one-way or two-way)
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