Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Jose Llamas

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Copenhagen is a city that offers something for everyone, with its rich cultural heritage, scenic waterfront, delicious cuisine, world-class design, vibrant nightlife, and family-friendly activities. Visitors can explore the medieval streets of the Old Town, visit the famous Little Mermaid statue, and take a tour of the palaces and castles of the royal family.

Travel to Copenhagen and enjoy some of the best food in the world at the many Michelin-starred restaurants and street food spots. Discover the latest trends in fashion, furniture, and architecture at the city’s many design districts. And when the sun goes down, party like a Dane at the city’s lively bars and clubs. Come and experience the magic of Copenhagen!

6 reasons why you should visit Copenhagen

  1. Rich cultural heritage: Copenhagen is home to many historical landmarks, museums, and galleries that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the medieval streets of the Old Town, visit the famous Little Mermaid statue, and take a tour of the palaces and castles of the royal family.
  2. Scenic waterfront: The city is located on the coast of the Øresund strait, which provides a beautiful waterfront setting for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can take a boat tour of the harbor, bike along the waterfront, or simply stroll along the promenade to take in the views.
  3. Delicious cuisine: Copenhagen is known for its excellent food scene, with many Michelin-starred restaurants and a thriving street food culture. Visitors can enjoy traditional Danish dishes such as smørrebrød, or try out the latest fusion cuisine at one of the city’s many trendy restaurants.
  4. World-class design: Copenhagen is renowned for its design heritage, and the city is home to many famous design studios and shops. Visitors can explore the city’s many design districts and discover the latest trends in fashion, furniture, and architecture.
  5. Vibrant nightlife: Copenhagen is a lively city with a vibrant nightlife scene. Visitors can enjoy live music, dance clubs, bars and pubs, and other nightlife experiences.
  6. Family-friendly activities: Copenhagen is a great destination for families, with many fun and educational activities for children. Visitors can visit the popular Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the Copenhagen Zoo, or the National Museum of Denmark.

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Popular hotels in Copenhagen

Selected popular hotels with good reviews and high ratings in Copenhagen

Hotel Sanders

Hotel Skt. Petri

Hotel SP34

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

Hotel Osterport

Hotel Kong Arthur

Hotel Phoenix Copenhagen

Hotel Danmark

Hotel Astoria

Hotel d’Angleterre

Hotel Nimb

Hotel Cabinn City

Hotel DGI-byen

Hotel Avenue

Hotel Ansgar

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