Best dates of Zurich-Lisbon flights: Price calendar & flight timeline

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Choose the best and cheap dates for your flights from Zurich to Lisbon

Zurich-Lisbon Flight Planner

The calendar of cheap dates is designed for finding the cheapest air tickets and best dates of Zurich-Lisbon flights. Browse the prices of airfares on all reservation systems and travel agencies that provide flight booking for the Zurich-Lisbon direction.

Zurich-Lisbon flights calendar

How to use the flights calendar?

  • The route of the calendar is set from Zurich to Lisbon. You can change your location from the top left side of the calendar.
  • See the cheapest price for each month for the flight from your location
  • Click on the month window to see the exact date of the cheapest flight
  • You can click on the date window to see the flight details
  • Click on the flight details button to see full terms of the flight or book the air ticket
  • You can use the setting on the top left side of the calendar to change the type of flight (one-way or two-way)

Timetable of Zurich-Lisbon flights

Quick facts about Zurich-Lisbon flights

There are several airlines that operate flights between Zurich and Lisbon, connecting travelers from Switzerland to Portugal and vice versa. Here is some information about Zurich-Lisbon flights that you may find useful:

Distance: The distance between Zurich and Lisbon is approximately 1,600 kilometers (994 miles).

Duration: The duration of a non-stop flight from Zurich to Lisbon is around 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, the total travel time may vary depending on the airline, route, and layover time.

Popular transit stops: Some of the popular transit stops on flights between Zurich and Lisbon include Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Airlines operating flights: Several airlines operate flights between Zurich and Lisbon, including Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Air Portugal, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, and Iberia.

Direct and transit flights: Some airlines offer direct flights between Zurich and Lisbon, while others offer flights with one or more stops. Direct flights are generally more expensive than those with stops.

Approximate prices of airfares: The prices of airfares between Zurich and Lisbon can vary greatly depending on the airline, travel dates, and other factors. Generally, the average cost of a round-trip flight from Zurich to Lisbon is around $150-300 EUR for economy class, while business class can range from $500-1000 EUR or more. However, it is always recommended to check with airlines directly or third-party travel booking websites to get the latest information on flight prices.

Other points: It is advisable to book flights in advance to get the best deals and avoid last-minute price hikes. Additionally, for finding the best dates of Zurich-Lisbon flights, it’s worth subscribing the price alerts on various online travel platforms. Finally, it is always good to arrive at the airport well before the scheduled departure time to avoid any delays or unexpected issues.

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