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Almaty is set to introduce new international flights for 2023

Almaty International Airport is forecasting that it will handle over 8 million passengers and facilitate more than 70,000 flights in 2023.

Panoramic view of Almaty, Kazakhstan.Image: Shutterstock

Alp Er Tunga Ersoy announced during a recent briefing that Almaty International Airport will increase its number of international flights to 67.

Last year, the airport saw 7.2 million passengers and 64,697 flights. In 2023, the airport is projecting over 8 million passengers, more than 70,000 flights, and 97,000 cargo flights.

Among the new flights expected are regular direct flights to Ashgabat, Yerevan, Karachi, Kutaisi, Lahore, and Muscat, totaling 67 new flights.

Almaty Airport

Almaty International Airport is the largest airport in Kazakhstan, serving as a major hub for international and domestic flights. The airport has undergone significant upgrades in recent years to accommodate the growing demand for air travel in the region.

Some of the most popular flight routes from Almaty Airport include destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, and Beijing being some of the busiest routes. In addition, there are also several domestic flights to other cities in Kazakhstan.

Tourism in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, with its rich history, diverse landscapes, and unique cultural traditions. Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, is a popular destination for tourists, with its stunning mountain views, vibrant city life, and historic landmarks such as the Ascension Cathedral and Central State Museum.

Other notable tourist attractions in Kazakhstan include the ancient Silk Road cities of Turkestan and Shymkent, the natural wonders of the Charyn Canyon and Kolsai Lakes, and the unique cultural experiences of staying in traditional yurts and sampling local cuisine.

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