3-day trip in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark. Image: Shutterstock

Wat to do and see in Copenhagen in 3-day trip?

Roadmap of the 3-day trip in Copenhagen for amazing memories. Experience the beauty and culture of Copenhagen with our amazing trip package!

Visiting Copenhagen

Discover the famous Little Mermaid statue and stroll along the harbor for breathtaking views of the city. Immerse yourself in Danish history and culture at the Rosenborg Castle and the National Museum. Shop and enjoy the local atmosphere of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe in Stroget Street. Take a visit to Tivoli Gardens and the Christiania neighborhood and explore the residence of the Danish royal family at Amalienborg Palace. And end the day with dinner and drinks in the trendy Nørrebro neighborhood.

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Day 2 will show you the heart of Danish design at the Designmuseum Denmark, Visit the Carlsberg Visitor Center, and Take a walk around the picturesque canals of Christianshavn neighborhood before climbing the Our Savior’s Church for a fantastic view of the city.

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3 days in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark Copenhagen offers many things to see and do for visitors. Here is a suggested 3-day trip plan for exploring this beautiful city:

Day 1

  • Start your day by visiting the famous Little Mermaid statue in the harbor.
  • Take a stroll along the harbor and enjoy the beautiful views of the city.
  • Visit the Rosenborg Castle, a beautiful 17th-century castle that is home to the Danish crown jewels.
  • Visit the National Museum, which tells the story of Danish history and culture.
  • In the evening, take a stroll down the famous Stroget street, which is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe.
Little Mermaid, Copenhagen.
Little Mermaid, Copenhagen. Photo by Jose Manuel Alonso de Caso

Day 2

  • Start your day with a visit to the Tivoli Gardens, which is an amusement park and garden complex that is said to have inspired Walt Disney.
  • Visit the Christiania neighborhood, which is a self-governing neighborhood with a unique culture and atmosphere.
  • Visit the Amalienborg Palace, which is the residence of the Danish royal family.
  • In the evening, head to the Nørrebro neighborhood for dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants and bars.
Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens amusement park and garden complex in Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 3

  • Visit the Carlsberg Visitor Center, which tells the story of Carlsberg Beer and offers a guided tour of the brewery.
  • Visit the Designmuseum Denmark which focuses on Danish design from the last 100 years.
  • Take a walk around the picturesque canals of the Christianshavn neighborhood.
  • Visit the Our Savior’s Church which offers a great view of the city from the top of the spire.
Christianshavn neighborhood, Copenhagen
Christianshavn neighborhood, Copenhagen. Image: Shutterstock

This is just a suggested itinerary, so feel free to add or remove activities that better suit your preferences, or adjust the schedule to your liking.

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