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Copenhagen trip

Our trip planning tools include the opportunity to explore the beauty and culture of Copenhagen. See the iconic Little Mermaid statue, walk along the harbor for stunning views, learn about Danish history and culture at Rosenborg Castle and the National Museum, shop, and take in the local atmosphere on Stroget Street, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping streets. Visit Tivoli Gardens, the Christiania neighborhood, the residence of the Danish royal family at Amalienborg Palace, and end the day with dinner and drinks in the trendy Nørrebro neighborhood.

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Popular flight routes to Copenhagen

  • Aalborg-Copenhagen ∙ SAS, Norwegian Air International
  • Doha-Copenhagen ∙ Qatar Airways, Finnair
  • Ronne-Copenhagen ∙ Danish Air Transport
  • Gothenburg-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Gdansk-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • New York-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Aarhus-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Stavanger-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Vilnius-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Washington-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Bergen-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Singapore-Copenhagen ∙ Singapore Airlines
  • Oslo-Copenhagen ∙ SAS, Norwegian
  • Trondheim-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Riga-Copenhagen ∙ Air Baltic
  • Helsinki-Copenhagen ∙ Finnair
  • Milan-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair
  • Vienna-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair, Austrian Airlines
  • Paris-Copenhagen ∙ Air France, SAS
  • Dublin-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair
  • London-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair
  • Kaunas-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair
  • Warsaw-Copenhagen ∙ LOT Polish Airlines, SAS
  • Istanbul-Copenhagen ∙ Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines
  • Stockholm-Copenhagen ∙ Norwegian Air International, SAS
  • Toronto-Copenhagen ∙ Air Canada
  • Hamburg-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Zagreb-Copenhagen ∙ Croatia Airlines
  • Reykjavik-Copenhagen ∙ Fly Play
  • Helsinki-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Amsterdam-Copenhagen ∙ KLM
  • Dusseldorf-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Vagar-Copenhagen ∙ Atlantic Airways
  • Brussels-Copenhagen ∙ Brussels Airways
  • Aberdeen-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Dubai-Copenhagen ∙ Emirates
  • Tampere-Copenhagen ∙ Air Baltic
  • Palma De Mallorca-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Chicago-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Milan-Copenhagen ∙ SAS
  • Nice-Copenhagen ∙ Norwegian Air International
  • Frankfurt-Copenhagen ∙ Lufthansa
  • Venice-Copenhagen ∙ Ryanair
  • Zurich-Copenhagen ∙ Swiss Airways
  • Madrid-Copenhagen ∙ Iberia Airways

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