San Marino bucket list

San Marino bucket listSan Marino bucket list. Image by Nzooo, Envato

Explore San Marino – bucket list for tourists

San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino, is the third smallest country in Europe (after Vatican and Monaco) and the world’s oldest republic. While traveling about Europe and Italy, make sure you spend a few days in San Marino to discover the medieval stone walls enclosing the original settlement, historical and natural sites.

Things not to miss in San Marino

  • Watch the show of changing the guard at the Piazza Della Libertà.
  • Climb up Monte Titano mountain to find three impressive fortresses – Guaita, Cesta, and Montale.
  • Enjoy the best views of landscapes and the Adriatic coast riding the San Marino funicular.
  • Find 100 wax figures of historical characters like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler in the Wax museum.
  • Admire the rare vintage Ferrari sports cars collection in Maranello Rosso Ferrari Museum.

Eat like a local in San Marino

  • Find Altro Gelato, the first ice cream shop in San Marino to taste organic ice cream with apricots and black sesame.
  • Taste incredible seafood on the terrace of Osteria La Taverna overlooking the Tuscan hills.
  • Discover the richest wine cart at Consorzio Vini Tipici, which offers all wine producers from the Republic of San Marino.
  • For pizza, head to Strapizzati, a great place to have lunch.
  • Enjoy warm evenings with a glass of wine and a fine dinner on the terrace of La Terrazza restaurant. 
San Marino
San Marino panorama. Image by Nicole Maelle, Unsplash

Where to stay in San Marino

  • There are no 5-star hotels in San Marino, but you can still have all the luxury and comfort in a 4-star Hotel Cesare with the best views of the mountains.
  • Enjoy secluded rest and the sun from the terrace of a 3-star Hotel Rosa. 
  • You can consider Hotel Gasperoni with clean rooms and necessary accommodation as an affordable option.
  • Take a day tour to Riviera Romagnola Beaches to enjoy the summer sun and stay in Hotel Villa Augustea, Rimini.
San Marino castle and city panorama
San Marino castle and city panorama. Image by SeanPavone, Envato

San Marino hotels map and room prices


Want to get to San Marino by plane? You need to fly to Rimini airport, Italy and the transfer to San Marino by bus.

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