Explore Podgorica sights and food

Podgorica sights - Millennium BridgePodgorica sights - Millennium Bridge. Photo by Vardan Papikyan

Quick guide and bucket list of Podgorica sights, food and hotels

Montenegro, with its capital of Podgorica, is a beautiful mountainous country in the Balkans. With the cloudy mountain peaks from the north and the warm Adriatic Sea in the south, Podgorica is a great destination to explore the culture and natural wonders.

While it is not as popular as other European capitals or resorts, Podgorica is still a charming spot that will surprise and delight you. Let’s explore Podgorica sights, local food that’s worth trying and suggested budget and comfortable hotels located in the city center.

Things not to miss in Podgorica

  • The city center and popular location for hangouts, Skaline is the first thing to see in Podgorica.
  • Head to Gorica, an adventure park with a Mediterranean garden and hiking trails to enjoy nature.
  • Visit the Donkey farm in Martinici to feed animals and learn animal care.
  • Stroll about King Nicola’s winter residency garden with a contemporary art museum.
  • Spend your evenings at Bokeska Street, the party street with pubs and live music.
  • Have one of the most romantic sunsets on the bank of the Moraca river

Eat like a local in Podgorica

  • Pod Volat, a top popular traditional restaurant in Podgorica, will give you a bouquet of emotions with the tastiest lamb, veal barbeque, and more. 
  • Head to Maša, an urban restaurant with fresh seafood, homemade pastries, and the tastiest ice cream.
  • Vegans and vegetarians can visit Baba Ganus, the first and so far the best place to taste middle-eastern inspired dishes.
  • For mouth-watering scenes, stop by Poslasticarnica Carolija Hard to pronounce but worth to try), a favorite among locals cafe with cakes and cheese pies.
  • To taste traditional street food, burek, visit Burekdzinica Zabjelo with a huge selection of burek.

Where to stay in Podgorica

  • Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the 5-star Hotel Hemera decorated in muted tones.
  • Located in the business center of Podgorica, the 4-star Hotel Aurel is a fantastic accommodation for business trips and not only.
  • Find everything you need for a comfortable stay in 3-star Hotel Marienplatz Podgorica.
  • Q Podgorica, Beds, Rooms, and More hostel is your choice to save on your stay and still enjoy a warm atmosphere and comfort.
  • Take a day trip from Podgorica to Budva to explore the marvels of a coastal town and stay in Villa Laze Hill.

Podgorica hotels map and room prices


Flights to Podgorica from European cities

Only a step away from the Adriatic sea and mountains, located in the heart of Montenegro, you can find Podgorica Airport – Aerodrom Podgorica. Podgorica Airport (IATA code: TGD, ICAO code: LYPG) is an international airport serving the Montenegro capital of Podgorica and the surrounding regions. Podgorica Airport is operated by the state-owned company Airports of Montenegro.

Due to its good geographical position, the airport of Podgorica serves as a gateway to summer and winter tourist destinations of Montenegro and major cities in Montenegro from Europe and other countries of the world.

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