Lisbon-Sao Paolo Flights calendar and air tickets comparison

Lisbon-Sao Paulo flights

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Cheap air tickets for Lisbon to Sao Paulo and return flights

If you’re planning a trip to Lisbon from Sao Paulo, Brazil, you’ll have several options for flights. Many major airlines offer direct flights between the two cities, including TAP Portugal and LATAM Airlines. These flights typically take around 11 hours, depending on wind and weather conditions.

Lisbon-Sao Paulo cheap flights calendar

If you prefer to fly with a budget airline, you may also have the option to connect through other European cities, such as Madrid or Paris. These flights may take longer, but they can often be a more cost-effective option.

How to use cheap flights calendar?

A calendar of cheap flights shows the best prices of air tickets for the specified destination in the month windows. You can click on the window to see the cheapest flight date. Clicking on the date window will guide you to the search results page where you can see all details of the flight tickets and choose the one that fits your needs or change the parameters using the search filters.

You can click on the Settings icon on the top left side of the calendar window to specify your travel route, change the type of the flight (one-way or two-way) and refresh the calendar.

Cheap flights to Sao Paulo

No matter which airline you choose, be sure to book your tickets well in advance to get the best prices. You’ll also want to consider the time of year you plan to travel, as prices can vary significantly depending on the season.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. Located in the southeastern region of the country, Sao Paulo is known for its vibrant culture, diverse neighborhoods, and bustling business district. If you’re planning a trip to Sao Paulo, you’ll have several options for flights.

Many major airlines offer direct flights to the city, including LATAM Airlines and American Airlines. You can also connect through other major cities in South America, such as Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires. No matter which airline you choose, be sure to book your tickets well in advance to get the best prices and availability.

5 Facts about Sao Paulo

  • Cultural diversity: Sao Paulo is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich history and vibrant contemporary arts scene. The city is home to a wide range of cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, and performance spaces.
  • Delicious cuisine: Brazil is known for its delicious and varied cuisine, and Sao Paulo is no exception. From street food to fine dining, the city offers something for every taste and budget. Be sure to try some traditional dishes, such as feijoada and churrasco, while you’re there.
  • Exciting nightlife: Sao Paulo is known for its lively nightlife, with a wide range of clubs, bars, and music venues to choose from. Whether you prefer jazz, electronic music, or samba, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste.
  • Natural beauty: Despite being a major urban center, Sao Paulo is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. From the lush rainforests of the Atlantic coast to the dramatic peaks of the Serra do Mar mountain range, there’s something for every nature lover to enjoy.
  • Shopping: Sao Paulo is a shopper’s paradise, with a wide range of shopping options to choose from. From high-end fashion boutiques to colorful street markets, there’s something for every style and budget.

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