10 important mobile apps for travelers

Editor’s picked 10 mobile apps for travelers

10 important mobile apps for travelersWhich mobile apps are worth installing in smartphone while traveling

Since 2019 the world has been facing dramatic changes. The pandemic turned out to be destructive for most industries causing billions of dollars loss. We are heading to 2022, and there are still chances we can never go back to the life we lived before. Globally, the industries went digital to provide services online and survive the crisis.

The most sensitive segment that suffered from the pandemic is tourism. Amid global restrictions, the tourism industry lost 1 billion tourists in 2020 and registered a 73% decrease and 85% decrease between January and May 2021. The economic losses, now counting $1,7 trillion, may grow to $2,4 trillion by the end of the year. The vaccination may somehow be a mitigation measure, but the global tourism industry will need a couple of years to rehabilitate itself.

What do we have now?

The first year of the Covid-19 breakout locked us at home, closed hotels, and sights. We kept dreaming of traveling and hoped one day to get back on the road. Little by little, tourism recovers, hosting travelers across the world.

So far, we can already start thinking of future trips and planning the details. To make the journey more comfortable, safe, planned, and memorable, hundreds of travel mobile apps promise to become your best friend during the trip. We will skip top market players like, Airbnb, Expedia and present the top 10 important mobile apps for travelers found on App Store and Play Market.

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