Explore Larissa: bucket list for tourists

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Bucket list of Larissa, Greece

Being off the tourist trails, the capital of Thessaly, Larisa is still worth your attention as an ancient town with 8000 years of history and architecture. Surrounded by farmland, Larissa is known for its finest food and restaurants. Think of this small town as a perfect destination for a gastro tour. 

Things not to miss in Larissa

  • Visit ancient theatre dating back to the Kingdom of Macedonia, 3rd century BC.
  • Discover all the unique findings and history traces in Diachronic Museum.
  • Take a walk to the top of the acropolis to find the ruins of the large St Achilles Basilica.
  • Enjoy a night walk in Alcazar Park on the banks of the Pineios River.
  • Feel the unique atmosphere of Bezesteni, an Ottoman monument built from the stones of Athena Polias temple.

Eat like a local in Larissa

  • Relax and enjoy your meal in PRASSEIN ALOGA restaurant with a glass of wine.
  • Find a modern atmosphere mixed with relaxing music, traditional dishes, and Greek spirits.
  • Monark Comfort Food restaurant will please you with continental and local food, a cozy atmosphere, and special cocktails.
  • Floyd Food Community is a great place to taste traditional Greek dishes adapted to the latest trends.
  • 4 Epohes (4 Seasons) is another amazing dining option in Larissa with stylish interior and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Where to stay in Larissa

  • Make the most of your stay with Divani Palace Larissa 5-star hotel in the commercial center of the town.
  • 4-star Hotel Park is another lovely accommodation idea for your stay in Larissa.
  • For a tight budget, consider 3-star Hotel Metropol in the central part of Larissa. 
  • You may choose Asteras Hotel Larissa with dorm beds and private rooms as a budget-friendly option.
  • Take a one-day tour to Letokarya and stay in Olympian Bay Grand Resort as an excellent value for money, location, and comfort.

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