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The possibility of direct flights between Los Angeles and Yerevan is being evaluated

Senator Portantino underscored the importance of the thriving Armenian community in Los Angeles and emphasized the necessity of establishing direct flights to meet their travel needs.

Yerevan International Airport, Arrivals Terminal.Image by PixMeta Studio.

California State Senator Anthony J. Portantino presided over an enlightening hearing at the California Senate Select Committee on California, Armenia, and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Mutual Trade, Art, and Cultural Exchange.

The hearing focused on the potential initiation of direct flights and the importance of expanding air cargo capacity between Los Angeles and Armenia. Senator Portantino highlighted the significance of the vibrant Armenian community residing in Los Angeles, emphasizing the need for direct flights, writes

All parties expressed optimism and voiced their hopes for the realization of these flights in the near future.

Currently, passengers traveling from California, United States to Yerevan have to rely on European layover cities for convenient flight connections. Some of the feasible transit routes include Los Angeles-Paris-Yerevan, Los Angeles-Vienna-Yerevan, and Los Angeles-Rome-Yerevan.

Direct flights between Yerevan and Los Angeles offer numerous advantages for both travelers and businesses. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Time and Convenience: Direct flights eliminate the need for layovers or connecting flights, saving passengers valuable time and reducing travel fatigue. Travelers can enjoy a seamless journey, avoiding the hassle of multiple transfers.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Direct flights establish a direct link between Yerevan and Los Angeles, facilitating increased connectivity between Armenia and the United States. This enables smoother travel for tourists, business travelers, and the Armenian diaspora.
  • Boost to Tourism and Trade: Direct flights can significantly contribute to the growth of tourism and trade between Yerevan and Los Angeles. The improved accessibility fosters increased visitor numbers, promoting cultural exchanges, and facilitating business collaborations between the two regions.
  • Strengthening Armenian Diaspora Bonds: Los Angeles has a substantial Armenian diaspora community, and direct flights strengthen the connection between the diaspora and their ancestral homeland. This enables easier visits to family and friends, promotes cultural preservation, and encourages investment opportunities.
  • Economic Growth: Direct flights have the potential to drive economic growth by attracting more tourists and facilitating international business ventures. It opens up opportunities for increased investment, trade partnerships, and knowledge exchange between Yerevan and Los Angeles.
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