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Six new routes set to launch from Heathrow this summer

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Heathrow Airport is gearing up for an exciting summer season with the introduction of six new routes by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Vueling.

Heathrow is set to gain six new routes this summer, enhancing London’s connections with the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Middle East, and one of the world’s business capitals.

Info in brief:

  • British Airways: New routes launched from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi, Kos, and Izmir
  • Virgin Atlantic: New flight from Heathrow to Bangalore
  • Vueling: New routes from London to Barcelona and Paris-Orly (Paris hosting the 2024 Olympic Games)
  • Heathrow’s summer season begins on March 31st 2024
  • Anticipated a record year for passenger numbers in London Heathrow Airport, aiming to surpass 79 million from last year and 80.9 million from 2019.

Three airlines have increased their commitment to the UK’s hub airport: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Vueling. The airport is set to welcome six new routes, boosting connections to Abu Dhabi, Kos, and Izmir (British Airways), Bangalore (Virgin Atlantic), and Barcelona and Paris-Orly (Vueling), with Paris hosting the 2024 Olympic Games.

Heathrow’s hot summer season 2024

Heathrow’s summer season will officially kick off this Easter weekend starting from March 31st. Ross Baker, Heathrow’s chief commercial officer, expressed optimism about a record-breaking year for passenger numbers, aiming to surpass last year’s 79 million and the record 80.9 million in 2019.

“This summer, passengers will have even more options to enjoy the sun,” said Baker. “We are reintroducing popular destinations like Kos and Izmir, and the new services to Bangalore and Abu Dhabi create more opportunities for businesses across the UK. I am confident these new routes will be a hit this summer.”

Virgin Atlantic’s Bangalore route will commence on Sunday (March 31st), followed by Vueling’s flights to Barcelona and Paris-Orly on April 7th. Subsequently, British Airways will launch its Abu Dhabi route on April 20th, followed by Kos and Izmir, both starting on May 18th.

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