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Looking for cheap flights out of Amsterdam? Here you’ll find a list of the most popular and cheap flight options from Amsterdam to various destinations in Europe. Euro Directions flights calendar and trip guide make it easy to find the best deals on airfare. And with Amsterdam Airport offering a wide range of destinations, you’re sure to find a bargain that fits your budget. Don’t miss out – book your next adventure today at!

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The Netherlands with our featured list is below.

* Prices of the tickets may vary from shown prices depending on the time and season you look for the flights.

Direct trip airfares from Amsterdam

Amsterdam-London • June 2023 ‣ EUR 40 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Dublin• June 2023 ‣ EUR 35 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Birmingham • June 2023 ‣ EUR 50 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Venice • June 2023 ‣ EUR 45 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Prague • June 2023 ‣ EUR 50 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Madrid • June 2023 ‣ EUR 73 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Barcelona • June 2023 ‣ EUR 71 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Rome • June 2023 ‣ EUR 101 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Alicante • June 2023 ‣ EUR 99 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Lisbon • June 2023 ‣ EUR 98 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Milan • June 2023 ‣ EUR 44 view tickets »
Amsterdam-Frankfurt • June 2023 ‣ EUR 75 view tickets »

You can also check the prices of air tickets from Amsterdam using the cheap flight calendar. Select your destination and dates of the trip and the calendar will show the best dates of your desired destination.

Calendar of flights from Amsterdam

Enjoy your trip and collect more memories 🙂

Looking for trip options to Amsterdam? Take a look at the directory and calendar of cheap flights to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

5 things to do in Amsterdam

  1. Visit the Rijksmuseum and see the works of Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.
  2. Take a canal cruise and explore Amsterdam’s picturesque waterways.
  3. Visit the Anne Frank House, which offers a moving and informative look at the life of the young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.
  4. Walk around the Jordaan neighborhood, which is known for its charming streets, cozy restaurants, and lively markets.
  5. Visit the Heineken Experience, which offers an interactive tour of the famous brewery and a chance to taste the famous beer.

* Note that the prices are valid at the time of publishing of the release. 

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